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October 21, 2011



I loved that Christmas stripe colorway - too bad I missed out on that kit!
I would make striped socks with 3 different shades of pink (lt, med, dk) separated by a thin strip of grey or white. I had a store-bought pair like that once that I loved, but they wore right thru...


Wow - that is a hard one. I would do shades of purple from light to dark with either black or white between them. I would go dark to light until I got to the heel and then go back the other way! Purple is my favorite color!

Andrea Sandahl

The best colors for striping would be black, kelly green & white. The second best colors for striping would be kelly green & pink! Yup--school colors!


School or team colors would be a spectacular idea! The bigger my kids get, the more I wish it were easier for me to help them show school spirit without weaving in a million ends. Great gifts for the men in my life too, being able to make socks in their favorite teams colors. This would truly be a dream come true for my sock needles!


That is a though one. I think I'd have to go with red, blue and purple, with thin black stripes in between.


No black or white needed in my stripes (unless they fit with a holiday's theme like Halloween or Christmas) ... just straight color!

I just knit a pair of rainbow socks which I'm quite smitten with, but the green was off and the stripes were too wide (10 rows+ of each color). To be perfect it should have been a good, solid, bright hued rainbow with colors in 4-6 row chunks.

Or 4-6 row chunks of alternating pinks, purples, blues, and greens. That would be lovely too.


I would want the colors of the Michigan Wolverines. My husband is a rabid Buckeyes fan, I now cheer on the Wolverines just to annoy him. Plus, as I told him, if everyone roots for the same team, no one wins a back rub. I just might win the back rub this year!


Based on the colors in the Simply Sock solids, I would want a base color of Blue Spruce in thick stripes (10 rows), with very thin stripes(3 rows) of alternating Silver Lining and Blue Violet. Very cool socks for warm feet!


Mine would be thicker (4-6 row high) stripes of neon yellow and neon pink with thin (1 -2 row high) stripes of white separating them. Blinding!

Debbie Huett

I love pinks and purples! A thin black line separating the colors would look awesome. And I love that first striped sock you showed- whish I had gotten that kit. It was probably before I discovered you...

Lynn Beck

I love the Christmas theme sock in your photo. Rainbow brights would be fun too.


I like the narrow stripes....especially changing stripes of bright colors with a black stripe in between.


I'm a gree girl: I would love medium stripes in varying shades of green. Would make me so happy!


I like thin stripes - just two to three rows high - and would pick robin's egg blue, brown, and white!


Deep purple and yellow I think, with some thin and some thick stripes. So pretty.


I like wearing seasonal now I'm wearing my Halloween socks.
I guess I would want a stripe that is small...maybe a dark sock with little lighter stripes.
I like the Christmas colors sock you have in the picture.
Thanks for the contest!


I am an Aquarian. I love sea greens, blues and turquoises all blending into each other in quite narrow stripes.

Julie Bair

I'm a girly-girl and narrow stripes (2-3 rows) of baby pink and a soft pastel green with a row of white in-between would make me swoon.


I am a sucker for any self striping yarn. I love when it has big fat stripes of color. I would love a pink-purple, teal blue and black striped pair. Awesomeness. :-)


For the stripes, I would like a variety of widths. I detest a self-striping sock yarn that pools instead of striping. As for colors, I am more drawn to a variety blues or a variety of gray, but I do occasionally knit with brighter colors.


I recently had this struggle to contend with....I like so many colors! I would like different shades of purple or purple and black. OR red and black maybe with some white. Mediums size stripes. Fall colors would be nice too. Ahhhh!


I think neon colors of lime green, hot pink and a purple.

Lisa Viviano

I'd love to see jeweled tone blue and green stripes with a little golden tossed in.


I do love the holiday socks . They are getting me in the mood. I like Lorna Misers method of using a die or pair of dice to randomly roll the number of rows you stripe. You can do the same with your colors also. Just make sure you write down the numbers for the next sock unless you want fraternal ones. I would love to various holiday stripe kits or NFL teams would be super also. Maybe even seasons- blues,silvery grays and white for winter for example.

Cyndy Landers AKA the Yarnwitch

I think the more colors the better. I mostly wear black but I love to have wildly colored socks on my feet.


I would like either purple and white striping or a range of pinks!


Mine would be black and grey, sounds boring, but I would get a lot of wear out of them with black clogs!


I love the christmas socks pictured above. Ususally I'm not interested in holiday socks - I love many of the Halloween-themed striped sock yarns out there, for example, but wouldn't wear them as often. For some reason I don't have that problem with the red and green.

For a non-holiday sock, I would go with bright purple, bright turquoise and bright orange or yellow, with a narrow black stripe between them.


I really like Knitterly Things Vesper Striping yarn, mostly for the playful colorways. I would love to get some striping yarn that works in different sized stripe pattern (big little big little etc). Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Gina Guillotine

My own striping colorway would be hot pink, black, and white. My favorite color is purple, but for some reason, right now I'm just drawn to everything with combinations of pink/black/white.

The stripes on this yarn would be random widths.


I love the super bright colorways, but I also think more muted would be great... what about some grellow stipes?! (Or bright greens and purples. Those are good too).

Janene Reeves

Fall colors, 4-6 row stripes. Brown, gold, rust, dark green, and a wee bit of purple thrown in for good measure!

Kathleen B.

I would go with wide stripes of purple, orange and green (all three bright shades) separated by thin stripes of black.

Janice B

I love any bright colors in a sock. It is always such a nice surprise to get a glimpse of a crazy colored sock when you sit down. Especially great on adventurous men. And I love it when the 2 socks are different. Another surprise.

Anne Marie

Hawkeye black and gold, but I love that Christmasy one in the photo, and candy corn orange yellow and white would be fun. Rav amchart


I love self-striping yarn. It keeps me knitting. I'm always saying to myself: "Just one more stripe." I especially like alternating thick and thin stripes. I like teal with browns for a country casual look or turquoise and jewel colors for fun bright socks.


Love the christmas colourway. I like stripes to be large blocks, blending one into another.


Grey and lilac-y pink. Or burgundy and gold. Those are two of favs right now


Self striping yarns are so much fun to knit with!

Judi Kennedy

My favorite stripes would be lemon yellow, sky blue and grass green. These three combined in 1" stripes.

Lucy Portland

I would use purple, yellow, and pink with thin black stripes in between. I think I would alternate the thickness of the stripes.


I also love the Christmas stripe. Right now I would love some fall colored stripes in random widths. Definitely some rust, reds, golds, and browns would be awesome.


I would use a rusty orange, a deep tuscan yellow, an earthy brown and a sage or olive green. I might even throw in a deep dark red. All the colors of fall in one gorgeous sock. Maybe 3 thick stripes with 2 thinner ones. Any combination would look great. Thanks for the giveaway.


Barn (or brick red), light avocado, khaki and a light cadet blue


I would love to see striping yarn that starts with a light gray and slowly moves towards black, with maybe a small section of a highlight color thrown in every once in a while. Something that Stacy or Clinton wouldn't throw away if I were lucky enough to get on What Not to Wear.


I loved the Christmas stripe yarn and I also loved the Valentines stripe yarn. I I definitely like the yarns with stripes that are thick, with areas of accent colors in smaller stripes. I really enjoyed knitting the 2 pairs of socks that I made with college colors. They turned out wonderful.


I just finished knee socks in Vesper Sock Yarn's neon green, purple and black. So I am all set for Halloween! But I love all kinds of stripes - I'd love to do a pair in rainbow colors, but in random order.

Ashley W

I might have had a different answer a week ago, but after driving home at sunset yesterday, I really want to knit a pair of striping socks that are: mostly bluish/grey, a bit of baby blue, a bit of grey, and a dash of gold (where the sun lights up the clouds before it slips away).

Rusty M.

Such a hard decision (but I suppose that was the point...teehee). I think I would like thick stripes of color separated by a thin line of black.


I would want various shades of blue, with black stripes, all of varying thicknesses. I would want the progression to be regular, so that I could knit two the same (TAAT). I would also want the yarn to have nylon in it.
But, I'm not really picky. I'm sure whatever you have will be gorgeous!


My dream sock would be in the colors,Deep Purple,Periwinkle,Ocean Blue and Black in a an stripe. I would love to see those colors. Then I would have an Great pattern to go with them.

Jill Love

Turquoise, brown, and navy blue


mine would be thin stripes of butter
cream yellow, sage green, and pumpkin... Wait is this a color way or a recipe?


Definitely a Sharks fan...shades of black, white and teal with some grey thrown in for good measure.


For my inner twelve-year-old, I'd like rainbow stripes, with each rainbow repeat set off by a black stripe. And sparkly, too! Yay, sparkly!

For my *cough*-year old self, I'd like medium thick stripes of purples, plums, pinkish-grey, warm purple-y brown. Maybe heathered stripes, even.


How about magenta, orange, and turquoise in varying widths of stripes? That sounds great to cure the blahs of NE Indiana weather!! Thanks for your fun blog!


I think a red, white and blue stripe pattern would be extremely fitting right now. With the soldiers in IRAQ coming home by the holidays I think I'm going to make some as welcome home presents. Or a camo stripe thin lines I'm a sucker for the patriotic theme.


I'd love thick stripes of rich, bright, cobalt blue, with thin stripes of black between them.

Jeanne B

My favorite was a couple rows of a solid and then a couple rows of a tweed.


I would love to be able to make striped socks in team colors! My family all likes different teams, so we would need a variety!


Heathered light gray with narrow electric yellow stripes. The electric yellow adds a charge to the heathered gray. Socks are for fun.


Hot Pink, Deep purple, sea green.
Wide striped, with narrow cobalt blue stripes in between.
Just for fun!


Orange, teal, chocolate brown and white - I've been looking at scraps of yarn in these colours piled together and thinking what great striped socks or mitts they would make...


Navy, kelly green, turquoise and white. Base colour of navy with alternating stripes, varying widths. Love stripey socks!


Pink, pink, and more pink. Also loved the pink and white striped that you had last year.


I tend to love the jewel tones so any combination would be great... I love the thick Sknitches stripes but I also love the Cherry Tree Hill skinny strips...and the String Theory Colorworks with the black line in between the colors is really neat... I love them all!!!


I am in a Halloween-y kind of mood these days so I think I would go for something like orange, purple and black. Or maybe orange, purple and green. Something like that - and medium to bigger stripes - definitely not little ones!

julie depauw

Shades of purple, green and gray in varying widths!


Thin stripes of navy blue, pale pink, and gray.


Wide bands of a single graduating color separated by a thin dark, complementary solid.


The colors I would love to see as a stripe pattern is : magenta, powder blue, and ultra violet purple with small black stripes separating each color change. Think this would make such a fun sock!

Carolyn frank

I love the Christmas stripe color way! I was lucky enough to get this kit. I was working with this yarn at a recent sock club and everyone was ohhhhh and ahhhhing over the yarn. I know some of the sock clubbers called you to find out about this yarn! So my this is my favorite. Wonderful yarn to knit with.


I would like a sock with the primary colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple then brown and black then repeat, no white or black between stripes. Stripes being the same size.
I love the Christmas stripe sock.

Nancy H

Oooh! I love stripes and self-striping sock yarn! My dream yarn would be heathery and denimy blue shades with a bit of deep reds,
greens, and earth browns from nature striped in.


Do I have to only choose one color-combo?
I'd probably go with a vivid "cool" color palette. 4-6 rows alternating between green, blue and purple. Maybe a thin stripe of a lighter shade in between the main colors.


I love purple and green together, and a narrow black stripe between these two colors would make them pop. Or, purple and gold socks I could wear to my son's baseball games (it's sure chilly in March and April) would be awesome, too. I would like to see some stripy socks that maintain their stripe after the heel turning. I don't always like the afterthought heel.


I was lucky enough to get the Christmas kit and actually have a pair of socks just like the one's awesome! I like all stripes...thin and big and bold. Bright colors!!!!


I'm still loving rainbow bright, vibrant, electric neon colors with black between 4-5 colors. 4-5 rows of color, blk, then more color. Love vibrant pink & brown, greens with lime, neon and forest. (and spacer blk of course) Like the narrower stripes--but not too narrow. Bright, bright colors.


It's a gorgeous day and I'm in the mood for fall colours, so I'd like to see thicker stripes of bright red (like fall maple leaves) and bright golden yellow (birch leaves) combined with thinner stripes of grass green, sky blue, and brown.


How about black and white separated by a thin red stripe

F. Gee

I love to see teal blue and black thick stripe separated by a very thin orange stripe... Yes! I'm a Sharks fan!


I can think of several

colonial red/pine
charcoal grey / crimson - my HS colors
cream / crimson - for Indiana University
Packer Green and Gold!
all with, or without thin black stripes - think just one sock row in width...


Thin stripes of purple, blue and green would be nice!


I have to admit - I became a striping yarn fan when I saw String Theory coronal mass ejection! I love that slightly varying magenta along with the gray and black in addition to the varying width of the stripes!

Diana Follett

1. I would have thick stripes of a victorian mauve and thin stripes of ecru and somehow splash in some light mossy green.
2. I think in honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness I would have various shades of pink, medium stripes.

Tracy Hite

Random stripes for me - random widths and random order, so you never know what the next stitch will bring. I'd go with fall colors - gold, orange, scarlet, brown, and just a hint of green.

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