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October 31, 2011



You can call it the Tosh Effect. I call it the Allison Effect. I totally went from "I might buy one" to "I have to buy two" when I saw them together on the table.

Leslie B. Fehr

I vote for the combination with Plaid Blanket in it!

And, it's good that I'm in Texas otherwise I'd have walked out with more that "one"! Wonderful colors!


The Plaid Blanket combo is stunning... they're all gorgeous but that one definitely speaks to me, loud and clear...


Lara, yes, the Allison Effect might be appropriate! But you have to admit that there's also a Lara Effect. Afterall, you are the reason I found that awesome yarn that I will be revealing soon... it's supposed to be here in a week!


OMG! I am so psyched to see it!

I've accepted my lack of control, too. Tomorrow I'm going to walk into the shop and just ask you what I want to buy.


Definitely the Copper Penny and Nutmeg. I've been looking for a yarn that was 'coppery'. I may have found it!


Well, I don't know what you look like (assuming this scarf is for you), which might change my vote, but my favorite is the last one. Runner-up is #2.

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