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October 05, 2011



Great photos -love the new longer "do" on James. Being a mother and owning a house will always keep you full on busy. Not to mention having your own business. Much better to be busy than the alternative though. Hope you have a great day.


Hi Allison - I live in Nashville, but my fiancee's family lives in Ft. Wayne. We make the trek up there for Christmas each year, and I'd love to be able to stop by your shop while I'm there and blow a fat wad of cash. :) Will you be open around that time?



Does anyone ever achieve real balance between home & work, family & work? But I've always thought that working at home would make that sooooo much harder. Federal employees are supposed to be allowed to work at home & in DC, it is fairly common for employees to work at home 4 days a week & in the office 1 (a friend of my daughter who has 4 children does it - imagine working full time with 4 kids under 10!). But the idea never appealed to me. I really needed that separation between work & home (altho I did occasionally bring work related activities home). Now your home can be a respite from the stress of working (even the best job is stressful).


Nice write up. It is good to hear of someone who working at home was good for a time but having the option to switch has brought new discoveries to explore. Sometimes we forget how nice it is to have that separation and the joy of coming home at the end of a work day. Thanks.

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