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October 24, 2011



These bags are super cute and so many different uses I can think of for them.

Kim B.

Really cute and a nice size. I'm going to watch for the restock of the birdhouse design.


cute bags I need one to carry around my current sock projects


Yep, we helped clear the shelves and now own 4 of them! Worth every penny...the quality is great and they are a very useful size!


You got me with the chicken design. Looks like my first flock of Wyandottes.
While I only own 2 purses, there are never enough knitting project bags.

tammy pell

Cute bags!


Oh so cute! I have started on a hat venture! Top hats and pill box fascinatores. Time consuming as hell but I love making them. I did a line of sexy witch hats. Hot and cute! Hope I find some time to knit soon. Didn't get a chance to play around with that beautiful yarn yet. I want to knit then felt it doing a bubble affect. By the way, if you need any help at the shop just call me,I'm just down the block and it would be good to get out of my studio a bit! Take care!

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