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September 05, 2011



I'm all about testing the limits of the skein (love me some toe-up socks), but I'm more interested in the testing of the knitter's patience and perseverance! How many stitches per round? Amazing work!


Was there a specific pattern used or just "made up"? They look wonderful!


From what I can remember, it was a simple 2x2 rib and she weighed the leftover yarn after the first sock to ensure she had half the yarn leftover for th second one. I'll let her answer the rest here, if she reads it and I'll try to ask next time she's in the store.
They were knit for her daughter's boyfriend, so I'm assuming she had to cast on at least 64 stitches for the leg... of course, you know what they say about assuming...


Well, first of all I think it's awesome that you posted the picture of my socks on here. This is the 3rd pair of socks I have knit for my daughter's boyfriend. He works outside and really appreciates warm socks. I did cast on 64 stitches. Big feet, fairly skinny legs. I stopped the 2x2 ribbing after 70 rounds and then just knit stockinette stitch for 10 rounds before the heel. It does take some patience to get thru the ribbing, but most of the guys I knit socks for prefer ribbed legs because they fit more snuggly. I started knitting socks from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's sock "recipe" years ago and usually just stick with that basic sock. I think it really gives the beautiful yarns we have to work with today a chance to shine.

Candice Hope

that's a great looking pair of socks! My husband wears a size 14, and my finally learning to make socks toe-up has sure saved my bum for his traditional Christmas present of socks for the past 4 years.

Lovely socks! The swirly pooling is great :)


Gorgeous socks! Wow, Debby. I am amazed that you got a pair of socks for size 14 feet out of one skein of sock yarn. He must have skinny feet. I knit a pair of socks for my SO & it took a little over 150 gm of DK sock yarn & I had to cast on 72 stitches for his size 13 EEE feet. It made me really appreciate the fact that I have skinny feet & that my grands (the only other people I knit socks for on a regular basis) seem so far to have inherited my skinny feet!

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