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September 26, 2011



I too have knit this scarf twice. One in Casbah pewter, the other in a Sweet Georgia semi-solid. The first one I blocked with my steam iron the lazy way and the second one I wet the scarf and used blocking pins on a blocking mat. As soon as the scarves were in use, there wasn't any difference - they both sort of rolled in again. Still a great scarf though - always gets lots of compliments. Love the colourway in your scarf Allison - Malabrigo is a beautiful yarn.


I've been so tempted to cast this one on... it looks so lovely, but for some reason, my brain keeps telling me that it's going to be difficult! Lately I have beene easily discouraged with knitting, so I need a confidence builder project... but the pattern sure is gorgeous!

Nathanne Verner

I love the color of this scarf you made. I started doing a lot of lace knitting lately, and I invested in a set of steel wires, T pins, and rubber interlocking mats so I can do intensive blocking. I first soak my finished knitting in warm water with a few drops of Woolite or Eucalan in it. I soak it for an hour to really relax the yarn. Then I rinse out the soap with cool water, and roll up the knitting in a clean dry towel. I squoosh the towel for a minute or so to get the water out of the knitting so it won't felt from too much squeezing. I then run wires along all the edges, catching any points of lace, and tips of designs, and I overlap the wires if it's a long scarf. I pin it onto the mat, measuring everything with a tape measure, and stretching hard to get my measurements. Then I let it dry real well, give it all the time it takes to dry out. I ususlly start blocking with the mat on the bed, but if the yarn is still wet at bedtime, we carry it to the bathtub, or set it on a table or something long to finish drying. So far everything has held it's shape with no problem. I try to set aside an hour or so to do the wires and pinning. Last week I blocked two scarves and a shawl, and it took me about 2 hours to get it all wired and pinned to the mat. I had one scarf that I grafted in the center, that looked wavy and poochy. But after I blocked it this way it looked smooth and even. I hope this helps. I sometimes use the steam iron when I've made something small, but for a scarf like you made, I think you need a lot of soaking, and the use of wires and pins to stop the curling and pulling.

That is definately one gorgeous scarf!


I love it! It was already in my favorites on Ravelry! Now must get it into my knitting que!

Patty McD

I use a blocking board, blocking wires and T pins. The board is covered with a big square of fabric that I had sewed together. It is a Buffalo check pattern and I use the squares to keep my wires straight. I spray the item with water and always let it dry a minimum of 24 hours. Your scarf is lovely!!!!!


Beautiful! I'm stunned


Amazingly beautiful

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