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September 16, 2011



I love the look of linen stitch in handpainted yarns, so either the Koigu Linen Stitch scarf from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas, or the Chickadee cowl, which I really like for pulling up over my face when it's really cold! I just cast on more stitches for lighter-weight yarn.


I was having this exact thought earlier today! I enjoyed knitting the Lily - Lace rib scarf ( and I'm looking forward to making the Strangling Vine Lace Scarf (


Not really a scarf, but I've been looking at the Tanis DK for the Ivy Vines cowl from Knitspot (but I'm on a bit of a yarn diet while I wait for a baby to arrive...)

If cowls aren't your thing, Anne has great scarf patterns too (La Novia uses DK weight yarn too)

Judith Pruski

My sister has a great cowl pattern available on Ravelry:

It is very addictive to knit. : )


I love the Three Sisters Scarves #1,2 & 3 on Ravelry. Each one is a different lace pattern. They are simple enough for knitting on the go but not enough to get boring. Another great thing is all 3 patterns are free. I've already made 2 and getting ready for #3.


I LOVE Feather and Fan - this is nice - can adapt to any wt. yarn and make as long or not as long as you want to.


I use the pattern from the Yarn Harlot,

I use it all the time. LOVE it!


I have to agree with Amy that the Strangling Vine pattern is a great scarf pattern. I have made several ( 4 or 5?) and the pattern is easily memorized for on the go knitting, but looks much more complicated than it actually is. My other favorite is the good old k1p1 pattern. It makes such a plush scarf and is especially good for a guy's scarf.


Just finished an Xeriscape scarf with DK weight by Mary-Heather Cogar, great pattern for tv watching, will definitely knit more of these. Now working on a Hitchhiker scarf with fingering weight yarn, another great pattern for tv watching. Need uncomplicated patterns for football watching!!


Another good pattern for DK weight yarn is Annie Lee's Autumn Scarf. Looks good with solid or variegated yarns. Seems to take a little more yarn that what the pattern calls for.


I knit my daughter a scarf from sock yarn she fell in love with - lovely fall colors. I used brioche stitch - no pattern - just cast on about 40 stitches on size 4 needles & knit brioche until there was little yarn left. Turned out about 6' long using about 3 50gm balls of sock yarn (about 185 yds per ball). Brioche stitch really eats up yarn! But DD loved it & got many compliments on it. I tend not to use patterns per so much as just pick out one or more stitch patterns I like & use them - with a garter stitch border if needed.


I used this pattern before and think the Tanis DK would look great in this.

Carol Moore

I too LOVE feather & fan, however, as a very nice change-- Pimpelliese, by Spinning Martha on Ravelry (free) is a Beautiful,fun, scarf/shawl with fingering yarn. Check it out-- I know you'll love it.

Barb R

Use the Trillian snd Hitchhikker and 22.5 Degrees patterns by Martina Behm. They are very fast and use SOCK YARNS!!!


Terri Culbertson

I am almost finished knitting a shawlette out of sock yarn.

Terri Culbertson

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