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September 08, 2011



h = that middle colorway is all colors I rarely wear or find appealing (except for the bright green)
but somehow, it just calls to me - kinda fall colors but super bright!


Donna, you've touched on one of the things I love about sock yarn- even if it's bold and nearly gaudy, it can actually translate into a really awesome pair of socks. I think that it's because when it's compared with what we are wearing overall, the small amount of color on our socks can actually be a cool and unexpected accent. Plus it's a safer way to wear colors that we might normally not wear at all, don't you think?

fillyjonk RuBisCo named for the enzyme in plants that fixes carbon?

As a botanist, I might need that colorway.


I agree about the wild colors for socks. Do you watch Bones? I just got hooked on it this spring on Netflix streaming. The male lead is a senior FBI agent who wears brightly colored socks (& a belt buckle that says Cocky) as a way of expressing his slightly rebellious individuality in a regimented paramilitary organization. They've only shown occasional brief glimpses of his socks but they look like brightly patterned sock yarn. I doubt that they are hand knit but that kind of patterning. One pair that I glimpsed briefly looked a lot like that pink & gray striping one from String Theory.

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