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September 28, 2011



There is a house directly across the street from us (well it actually contains 3 little apartments but it started out as a single family house) that used to have very bright, barn red siding. We are on the east side of the street so it used to present such a cheery site every morning with the sun shining on it. Then, several years ago, it was sold & the new owners resided it in blah, boring beige. Ruined my mornings! There is also a park about half way to the train that is surrounded by a very tall (12'?) wrought iron fence & opposite it a funeral home with 2 gigantic oaks that look glorious in the fall. So mostly I just enjoyed the sights especially the greenery before spending 8-9 hours in a stuffy office - usually without a view outside. Cubicles are so dehumanizing! But the smell of a dryer vent is so clean & appealing. I even like it when I put clothes in the dryer & go out to return to the fragrant steam in our back yard. If I somewhere in the car, I love the possibility of seeing the critters who live around here. We live in a very dense neighborhood but have bunnies living under out back porch (I think they like the warmth from the dryer exhaust that vents there.) And last week there was an opossum in the back alley. I chased it onto the sidewalk of the townhouses across the alley so it wouldn't get hit - there is a lot of traffic in our alley. I also enjoy. seeing the 2 little boys who live a couple of buildings down play with their dad in the alley

Leslie B. Fehr

After driving an hour through rush hour traffic that is combined with 17 miles of new road construction - I head for the back porch.

On the other side of the back yard fence is a small herd of range cows - and there's a fairly new calf to spy out in the field. If we're lucky in the early evening, we get to watch 2 does that each had twins pick their way though the pasture heading for the pecan trees in the bottom.

So, that's where I bring my knitting and my cup of coffee after my longish drive.

Amy Samin

Thanks for the reminder that it's important to stop and look around. Your description was wonderful!


My drive to work includes red barns, cows and chickens, goats and an occasional deer. Now with the fields being harvested, there are flocks of cranes. What a joy!
Then when I get home I can enjoy our beautiful alpacas, chickens and our red barn.
It is good to drink it all in.


I am jealous of all you folks with such lovely pastoral views!

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