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September 06, 2011





He looks very happy! You and hubby are doing a great job!

Martha S

So adorable, hard to believe you will turn around and he will be graduating high school! Enjoy this time. . . :)


Thanks for sharing the pictures. He sounds off to a great start!


Wow! Did has he grown really tall since last year or is that the perspective of the picture? I love his outfit!


Sooooo cute & handsome! Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping little boy. Get all the kisses you can now - my grandsons at 8 (tomorrow) & almost 10 - are already shying away from kisses in public!


Vickie, he really has gotten so much taller.... we are going to have to do some major clothes shopping soon.
Donna, I don't want to think about no smooches! I know one day it will come, but hopefully not TOO soon.

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