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August 03, 2011



Wow, what a great visit. Sounds like you made an impression on the Mayor with your sock yarn.


awww.....i'm so excited for you!!! that's awesome!!!


I hope my unfinished comment didn't just go!!!

"... we movedĀ 4 tons of yarn in ..." Really? That's about 64,000 socks, isn't it? Good for you!


Way to go, Allison! What a nice photo of you and your family. James cracks me up - he always looks like he's about to burst with excitement. Imagine how he will remember his childhood surrounded by color and creativity and yarn and love. And that wall behind you is to die for! That's how I want to redecorate my house :-)


I caught the August 20th date! YEA! YEA! YEA!!!! It is on the calendar and even though my kids will have just started school....we are planning on a road trip! Congratulations with the Mayoral visit...what great press!


Uh, yeah, I think it worked out just fine!!!! LOL How fun and exciting to have the Mayor visit! Good PR for both of you! I SOOOOO wished I lived closer......


Cute picture of your family with the mayor. Love the expression on James's face. But that wall of yarn really made my knees go weak! Please say your grand opening is more than one day. I'll be getting off the train from Louisiana with a suitcase full of dirty clothes at 9 am on the 20th. The following Saturday ROr the one after that) would be perfect for a road trip & the timing - just before my Labor Day birthday - gives me a great excuse to treat myself!!!

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