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August 31, 2011


tammy pell

Love the story, the socks and of course the knitter! She sounds wonderful!


Wow, Go Amy!


Great story and socks! Amy - your life must be very interesting.

Lisa P

Thanks for sharing. After 5 years of sock knitting I relented and gave in to my husbands request for a pair of JUST PLAIN BLACK dress socks. Just for the record, I've not many others for him which he wears and loves.

He's just a size 11 so I'm realizing how grateful I should be :)

Actually, it wasn't as bad as I thought and I alternated it with a number of other projects as it was a bit hard on the eyes.


I find it impossible to finish anything really dark - esp black or brown. Doesn't matter what it is - socks, hat, sweater, scarf. For some reason or other those dark colors are just repulsive to me (just for knitting - I love to wear them.) It's not helped by the fact that I have a cataract in one eye which should be repaired. But I've always hated knitting with dark colors - even when in college. I knit some brown socks for my SO (they were a subtly striping colorway with gold & green along with the brown but that's as close to a dark color as I've gotten in years. And he wears size 13EEE shoes - didn't take as long as I expected (I used DK sock yarn) but I could've knit 2 or 3 pairs of socks for myself. Guess I've gotten spoiled by all those kids' socks & socks for my skinny feet.

Deb in PA

I'm in the size 18 sock size, too. My son wears a size 18 EEEE shoe. I started making socks for him, so we could get socks that fit.

I can usually get a pair of socks out of 200 g of yarn, but I probably don't make them as long as Ben's.

No he's not a basketball payer even though he can palm a basketball. He topped out at 6'3" but that's because he was sick with mono when he was 15 and he stopped growing. It was a mixed blessing. I hate to think how tall he would have been, but I had nightmares of having to sew his jeans.

Just remember, the tighter the gauge, the longer the socks last and afterthought heels are your friend.


Oh, no... my 15 year old has size 12 feet... I'm hoping DESPERATELY that there is no size 18 in my future...

Leslie B. Fehr

Amy also does cross stitch -- she sent me a piece that she'd stitched of a goldfish in a little bowl when I was hired on permanently from a temp position. I still have that piece sitting on my desk-and it's been nearly 11 years! Her gifts are far reaching - I'm in Austin, TX.

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