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August 18, 2011



This is so exciting! Wish I could go, but I live too far away. Have fun!


Good luck! It sounds like it'll be a blast!


Sounds like a great time, but I'm too far away! MY LYS has a sale once in awhile and knitters are waiting around the corner just to get in.


Don't know if I'll be able to make it - I get off the train from Louisiana at 9 am & might be too tired. If so I'll probably be there on the 3rd. Looking forward to the kit!


I'll be thinking of you. Good luck and great job! If not perfect, I'm sure it will all be perfectly fine. I'm so happy for you!


Yea!!!! I can't wait!!!! Also have a little something for James too ;) Nothing much, but a little something.....see you on Saturday!


Wish I could be there! Best wishes, everything will be perfect.


I'm hoping you have a fantastic day! Lots of yummy yarn and wonderful people to keep you smiling!


Wish I could be there too! Good luck on Saturday - I'm sure you'll have a great day!


Congrats! Wish I could go.


Best wishes for your Opening Day!


Have a great day on this big milestone!


Im so happy for you and your family and the fortunate knitters of the Ft. Wayne area who can be at the Grand Opening.

Vivian Johnson

I with I could be there too! Good luck on Saturday - I'm sure you'll have an awesome day and sales will be off the chain. Have a good one and I will be anxiously awaiting for the online sales.


Wish I could be there but the Michigan Fiber Fest calls.....


It's 10pm on Friday night and while I sit here and catch up on blogs and add a few stitches into a sock, you are probably going full speed doing last minute stuff before your grand opening. I SO wish I could be there, but I will be there in spirit!!! Enjoy and have fun!!!


It's almost here!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! My car has a full tank of gas!


Best wishes for a successful day.

Lisa Viviano

Have a great grand opening today! I'm there with you in spirit and of course on-line.


Thinking of you during your grand opening today. I know its exciting and I'm sure everyone is having a great time!!


Your grand opening was super. The only thing I would do differently is to put a sign where the price for the yarn is specifying if it takes one or two skeins to make a pair of socks. I never got to talk to you during the grand opening and due to DH being with me didn't get to purchase anything at the opening either. I will be back!

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