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August 26, 2011



The Dream club sounds interesting. I'd love to win a skein of yarn from last year's club.


Used to love to take the kids to the Mossy Creek Barnyard Festival in Perry, Georgia when they were young! Have not yet tried the Smooshy with cashmere, but love any yarn with cashmere!


I'm a huge fan of the Pigeon River Fest in Mongo in LaGrange County. It's small, great local vendors, some crafts and tons of fun events that all the kids can do. Really a great family day in a small town that is really just one big family.


Hempfest in Seattle. I love that all the "better for the earth than cotton, look at how versatile this plant is!, here's a lot of products to buy with the fiber" festival. Educational, good shopping, great body products. :)

Anne Marie

There's not a lot in this area, and I do miss the amazingness of the Iowa State Fair since moving to Nebraska. The NE State Fair moved to the center of the state in Grand Island 2 years ago. It now takes me 2 hours, not 20 minutes, to get there, but we are going to give it a shot for the first time tomorrow. Hope it's fun!
Rav amchart


I love the Wisconsin State Fair, the Sheboygan county Fair (we just eat our way from one end to the other at both of these!!) and also Irish Fest in Milwaukee---great music....and food!

Elaine Chaffee

I miss the Skaneateles Festival in Skaneateles, NY. ( I am currently in the Myrtle Beach area). It is world class music on the lake. It is held during the month of August. They have a children's festival and a familyfest.....just truly a delight in a beautiful area. I also miss the
polo matches on sundays. The other end of summer fun is the NYS Fair - held from 8/25/11 to Labor Day. Great food and Great music.

Happy Knitting everyone.


This isn't much of a response, but here it goes: Living in a modestly depressed area in Alabama, there is not a fair or fall celebration that I am aware of. Part of that has to do with the fact that we are still having 100+ degree temperatures here. Perhaps up around Huntsville or north, they are starting to get cooler temps and feel like celebrating. Here, I sit in the house and knit when I have a chance and when I'm not knitting, I'm doing some other indoors chore to avoid the heat.

Leslie B. Fehr

Chisholm Trail Roundup - second weekend in June in Lockhart TX -- parade, dances, rides, live music - loads to do!

The Dreams in Co club is "da bomb"! I got some super great colors last year!


Nowhere near northeastern Indiana, but we have Eugene Celebration this weekend and, my favorite traditional fiber festival, Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival coming up the end of September. Love that one!!!

Carla in MT

My favorite was the Montana Summer Symphony open-air concerts in Helena, MT. Members from the 5 MT symphonies came together for a fantastic concert on the grounds of Carroll College. The evening ended with Air Guard jets flyover & fireworks!

Anne fiorenza

I love the Festa Italiana in Scranton.I haven'T attended in years, boy OMG the food!


We don't really get fall down here in south Texas. I miss the weather and all the colors! Haven't been to a fall festival in years, but I fondly remember the on in Newton IL from my kid years.


As one of many in the middle Atlanic waiting for huricane Irene to hit, my favorite fall festival will be happily knitting inside as the storm swirls around. It will be doubly wonderful if we don't lose power so I can enjoy. A cup of tea and light during my knitting festival.

Susan Rensing

Down in south east Indiana there is a neat wine festival this weekend (Aug 26-28) in Vevay which was settle by the Swiss. Great wine from around the state of Indiana.

Jan Walsworth

The New Buffalo (MI) Harvest and Wine Festival isn't large and elaborate, just a delightful day of family fun with a small town flair. It's October 8th this year and my granddaughter and I have already discussed how we are going to paint our pumpkins. She thinks I should get my face painted with her this year :) I'm hoping to get her sweater finished so she'll be warm while we watch the sun go down over Lake Michigan. I'm thinking Nana needs a new sweater out of Smooshy with Cashmere for the 2012 festival...


We have 'Kentuck' in October in Northport, Alabama. It started out with local crafts, I think at least 30 years ago, and has now blossomed into a huge event with artists from all over the country. It's held in a shady park, with giant rings of booths and all manner of delicious crafty things to see, live music, and local food vendors. I think I have missed going one time in the last 30 years!


I love the Grabill fair as well, but I think I enjoy the Johnny Appleseed Festival more. I love seeing everyone in the 1860's costumes and especially love seeing the spinners spinning their fleece, hearing all the great music, and tasting the wonderful variety of food. The festival is always the weekend after the Grabill fair.


Living in Orlando means it's still REALLY hot here, but come late fall into early winter, the weather is fantastic here and we have all kinds of art festivals and garden festivals here starting the last week of Oct.

Looking forward to this new DIC club. I'm trying to see if I have enough to buy some of that yummy yarn you already posted....


We have our Ribfest Festival - apparently the largest in southern Ontario - Labour Day weekend, so it's sort of a bittersweet thing - excellent food, great music, right by Lake Ontario, but the end of summer...


I love the Pass Creek fall fair. They have people from the Selkirk Weavers and Spinners spinning away. Usually situated beside the sheep pens....a unique way to see from the sheep to the skein.
I would love a skein from the Dream Club, I can't wait for the new selections.


This summer we went to the Calgary (Alberta, Canada) Stampede and had a wonderful time. In addition to rodeo events and chuckwagon races, I watched many activities involving draft horses, sheep herding dogs and tractors. I especially enjoyed a new competitive sport called the "Cowboy-Up" competition.


I love the Country Living Fair. It is for 3 days in Sept. They are at the Ohio Village in Columbus, Ohio.

Anamaria Seda

NYS Fair so much fun but yarn I find much more enjoying. :-)


I, too, am "attending" the "survive Irene fest". Our church already cancelled services for Sunday. Am praying we don't lose power but thankful my needles are still manually operated :-) Our local orchard/farm market doesn't have an official festival but it's fun to walk around on a day off and treat myself to a fresh made apple cider donut!

Sharon Balsltad

ARTSTREET and Farmers Market this weekend in Green Bay. Fun for all!! Art, music, food and beautiful weather what more could you ask for, but maybe----wonderful soft yarn.

Kat Gatzke

Not really a festival, but they have an Art Car Parade every summer here in Houston. They had a crochet covered car this year!

Lynaire B

I'm lucky that I live in Australia and our summers are jam-packed full of festivals. Every weekend there is something special on. My favourite summer festivities would have to be Christmas though - beautiful warm weather with a barbecue on the beach, cricket, cold beers, white wine, fresh fruit, local seafood. Every time I enjoy one I think how it really is postcard perfect.


We have alot of fair's here in Maine. Some just craft fair. I love them all so much fun.


Well I have to agree that the Grabill Fair is a lot of fun, but I'd have to go with the Johnny Appleseed Festival. Great food, flowers, and artsy stuff :)


We always went to the Dekalb fair in Auburn at the end of September. Watched the parade and then to the midway to ride rides and eat fair food.. very good memories..


Being a dog lover I look forward to going to Bark in the Park every year. It's held in September in the heart of Silicon Valley. Over the past 7 years the weather has run the spectrum of being over 100 degrees to barely breaking 70.


My favorite fall fiber event in the Houston area is the International Quilt Festival.


I worked at the Michigan Renaissance Festival for several years. Once the weather starts cooling off a bit, I start wishing I was back there again.


My favorite is Canal Days in Fairport NY. It is the first weekend in June so its a good start to the summer. There are lots of artisan booths, food vendors and local performers.


Every year for about 100 years we've had the Kittitas Country Fair and Rodeo over Labor Day weekend. The rodeo is one of the top in the nation. This year I'm excited to be a superintendent in the Needlecrafts division. Been spending the week learning all about my new "job"!


My favorite summer festival is the Lavender Festival in Blanco, TX.


The Johnny Appleseed Festival is my favorite, I love going back in time. The activities for the children are great and the food is awesome. It is a wonderful start of the fall season.


Jazzfest, here in Syracuse, NY gets bigger every year. It's wonderful weekend of great music, wine, local food vendors at a great location. The talent ranges from high school jazz ensembles to well known artists. Love it!


Our spinning guild puts on the Fingerlakes Fiber Fest in Hemlock, NY in Sept. By far my favorite fair. Fiber, food and fresh air! Perfect day!


Taste of Chicago or Renegade Handmade. Right now I'm most excited about a homemade festival - visiting the store and meeting up with a Fort Wayne friend in a couple weeks!


Growing up my parents and I would go every year to the Prince William County Fair. I loved it. There was a midway and rides. As I got older I became more interested in the exhibits and at 14 started entering things in the knitting and baking contests. I won a 1st place ribbon for a cake. After I grew up, got married and was expecting my 1st child my mother and I entered a number of the knitted sweaters that we made for my baby in the fair and won several ribbons for them. I still have those ribbons and really cherish them.


Conner Prairie Country Fair in Fishers, Indiana coming up in September! AND the Apple Store is open then too :)

Kay L

We just finished the Clark County Fail here in Washington (Vancouver/Ridgefield area). I don't always attend but when I do I eat too much!


I like the NY State Fair in late August - best salt water taffy. (In the spring I love NH Sheep & Wool Festival, which I think is completely under-rated by the knitting world. Not too huge that you get lost, but not so small you've seen everything in an hour.)

Thanks to all the other commenters for their great suggestions.


My favorite would be the Big E in western Ma- can't wait!


The Jazz Fest in downtown Syracuse NY is an event I look forward to every summer..........


The johnny appleseed festival has become a yearly favorite with my family and we come from PA and DC.


I like music festivals better than fall fairs. This year I went to Roots & Blues in Salmon Arm, BC - a bit bigger than my ideal, but the music was great.


The Knitting Guild in a town nearby has rented a bus so I am going to the Vogue Knitting Live on 9/24 in LA and really looking forward to it. Just imagine knit time to and from.... plus a day of yarn!


Johnny Appleseed! ;-D


The Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson is next week- I LOVE the chicken building-never ceases to make me laugh just listening to all the chickens clucking (I am easily entertained ;)


This weekend brings the Apple Festival in Hendersonville, NC. This wonderful festivial officially opens the fall season for me. I spend a beautiful day outdoors in this charming venue, and on the way home i stop and pick apples at Sky Top orchard. Then it's home for some warm apple cobbler.


I too love Grabill Days but Johnny Appleseed is a strong contender also. I love to see the artisans at work and smell the wood smoke, listen to the traveling pipers, and eat a bowl of ham beans with cornbread.. Can't wait to visit DOud's Orchard for some heirloom apples and try to find some stone ground cornmeal. Is it September yet?


Oktoberfest season has started here in Cincinnati, plenty of good eats and music. For fiber fun, the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs in September has stuff for the whole family to do and yarn, yarn, yarn!

Cathy B

I love Lamb Town in Dixon CA in the Fall. It's a lovely, small-town sheep/alpaca fair with sheep-dog trials, spinning, weaving, etc.

Amy Bernhardt

I grew up in Philadelphia, the closest we got was the carnival that set up in some random strip mall or church parking lot. . .HOWEVER, we looked forward to it all the same, the rides, the funnel cake (oh man oh man do I love funnel cake) - they were very good childhood memories. Now as an adult, I'll take Maryland Sheep and Wool any day (I can get funnel cake there)


here in california there's a plethora of fairs especially in the summer time. But I love the fall and beginning of apple season, we all head up to Apple Hill to pick apples and pumpkins before Halloween.


Love the Maumee Valley annual steam show out past New Haven every August. We've been going to it for 19 years now and have loved it every year. The old hit and miss engines are great and there is nothing like steamed corn on the cob.


I like Pioneer Frolic the last weekend in June up near sandy lake pa. More of a re enactment then a festival. Ever summer the third weekend in June my town has a strawberries days. I go to eat kettle corn and funnel cakes.


Gotta be the Stockholm Art Fair in Beautiful Stockholm WI, in the park by the Mississippi River!

Patricia Richardson

The Calhoun County Fair held in Marshall, MI and the Urban League Arts and Craft fair;both held in August.

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