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August 15, 2011



What fun to hear you talking about your new shop and your business! Sorry that I won't be there on Saturday (1150 miles?), but I'll be there in spirit. I hope your opening day is a great success and lots of fun.


Your newspaper has a knitting podcast?!? Impressive.


We have a local knitting podcast??? I'm so out of it! I CAN'T WAIT to come and see your new shop -- it looks fantastic!!!


That is so sool that your local paper has a knitting podcast! I didn't think you sounded bad at all. The one verbal tic that I personally can't stand & that makes me NOT listen to podcasts that I might otherwise like is too much giggling. Maybe because I almost exclusively listen to them on in the ear buds that block outside sound when I'm working out but too much giggling makes me feel like I'm being assaulted.


Counting down the days! Need more Soulmate yarn! :) My dad is coming to see the renovations....but he is a sport to hang with his granddaughters as they explore your new digs!

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