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July 14, 2011



Wow! The place looks huge! I think the table should be red. Then you could be black and white and red all over - ha! Just kidding, but I do think the table should be red. How exciting!


PS - The light in this space is just amazing!


How about BM Saybrook Sage (their most popular color)? The space is just stunning!

Kathleen B.

Spectacular room!


Wow, you guys are thinking just like me- I was thinking a muted terra cotta for that table, and a sage or pale olive for another table...
Vickie, Can you believe that these pictures are taken with no flash and no artificial lighting? All sunlight streaming in the windows. The colors in the yarn are going to be so true and beautiful in this space.


Love the map idea. How about a color for the table of cold oatmeal. Or a schooners sail canvas. Or the bark of a paperwhite birch tree.


The place is looking beauiful! I'm thinking Earth tones for the table. Love the black and white on the floor. Can't wait to see all the rainbow colored yarn, filling the place up with lots of color!

Jennifer in NC

I've seen milk paint used on things like that table and think it looks really neat. There are some colors here: My favorite is the pumpkin that's 75% white.


Voting for red :) I can't wait for your opening!!!! It looks fabulous!


I am partial to a medium grey. Or drab olive


oh, I want to come and visit. that is just gorgeous.


I'm voting for turquoise!


Are you SURE the wood is too far gone for a natural wood look? I think it would look wonderful.


I too love the idea of milk paint - perhaps in Bayberry Green or Federal Blue with 75% white. Or 50% white.

Sara Lee Albright

Gosh ! the new shop looks so great, I just want to hop in the car and drive up from North Carolina ...... will you be having an "open shop" when you're ready for customers ?


This is a wonderful space! And I love the map idea.


Congratulations on getting the space ready - it looks simply stunning!
I'd vote for a creamy white, like the floor tiles for the table top and black for the legs. After all, you want people to be able to work at it, so red--maybe not. But are you really sure that the wood can't be salvaged? If it's a little dinged up, that just adds character.


Oh please don't paint it! It has so much character in the wood and every ding and mar has a story to tell. I love the patina of old wood and tables like this in particular. Can you try to just clean it and see how it looks? I know you are overwhelmed right now and want to slap some paint on it and be done. Just think about it.


I am jumping up and down! I can't wait until you open those doors!!!!Will unpack for yarn!

Rebecca Olker

Rather than painting the table, how about scattering the labels from all the yarn you carry and then add a shellack to secure them in place. The result will look like one of those old suitcases that's traveled around the world.


I'm imagining seafoam green for the table, but then I've been reading a beachy book and wishing I were there. I also can't wait to make a pilgrimage to your beautiful new store.!

Cybèle de Jong

Allison, what a beautiful place! I spotted on one of your newsletters that you were doing it up, and I love the way you've done it - very stylish. Wishing you many happy and succesful years there!


Red, definitely red!!!

blogless grace

Wow! The space looks Absolutely Fabulous! I wish I lived closer.

Wanda and Jeff

I love the table just the way it is:)


My first thought was teal but with all the colors of yarn I think bright colors like teal, etc. might distract...I loved the idea of the milk paint for the diluted colors. Then the yarn will get attention - and not the table! What fun...Decisions, decisions! Best of luck to you Allison!


Me again... I was thinking it might be cute with a diluted red table and a diluted slate blue table and get one more table and paint it white and sand it up a bit.


I like the yarn labels shellacked to the table tops would be great. Wood can always be sanded and refinished, imho. Don't hide the beauty in it!


I also love the table natural, but if it must be painted, what about picking up some shade of blue--one of the richer or more teal shades--from the map? Looking at the picture of the map in place on the wall, I could see bringing a color of it down to the working spaces, but I'm sure space will look different with yarn colors on the that case, I like terra cotta. Red seems to me too stark a contrast, just my opinion...

Lise Legris

Allison you have a beautiful store. I wish you were in my neighborhood so I could shop in person... Guess one day we will travel to the States like we say and the store will be on my list of places to visit. Until then all the best. Lise


I am voting for a table the colour of sea glass, with matching cushions for the chairs. Those wooden chairs are not comfy for too long...

Sea glass blue/green/turquoise is my favorite colour of happy.

Amy Samin

Did you put in a pin for me? ;-)

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