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July 28, 2011



Yummmmy... I would be treating myself every day if I had that across the street. Have to get a treadmill behind the register!!!


Yummy, Suellen I'd be there everyday, only I'd have hot tea with my cheese danish.


As soon as I read about your new shop, I wondered if the bakery was still there. I used to work a few blocks away and it was a constant temptation.

Best wishes!

Kathy, formerly of Fort Wayne


A bakery across the street from a yarn shop ... holy cow! My willpower meter just tanked.


What a perfect set up! James will adjust to his new "normal" so quickly too :) Remembering that the only thing normal in my home is the setting on the dryer :-)


Before I turned to your blog I was wondering what changes there might be to your family's schedule. How nice that your blog was about exactly that. Smart move( but hard) to limit the danish to once or twice a week.Before I lost 45 lbs,I would always reward myself with ice cream or pastry. Its very addictive for me. Now I get a massage, call a friend or buy some yummy yarn.


A monthly deep-tissue massage started out as a treat but has become a necessity, especially for my knitting hands. A Danish a week sounds like a great treat!

Candice Hope

mmm... that looks amazing! I love to go to Whole Foods for their Gelato. I used to limit it to once a week, but now that I'm pregnant and it's so HOT outside... all bets are off.


Down the block from you was Abby Brown's Chocolates, which was a constant temptation when I lived in Fort Wayne as I had to pass it every day on the way to school.

Heather, also formerly from Fort Wayne

amanda jarvis

it depends on the week for me. sometimes it is a caramel latte. sometimes it is a cab ride home from work. sometimes it is a really nice glass of bourbon. :-)


Allison, that is very naughty tempting us with that pastry when we can't possibly visit that coffee shop.


Mmmmmmmmm -hot tea & cheese Danish. Yummy, but I try to treat myself with non-food items. L'Occitane body washes & body butters are a favorite now. h2O Plus arevalso nice.


Come on, Wendy! Pack your luggage and come on over! Your danish is on me.


My treat to myself is sock yarn... definitely sock yarn and lots of it :)


James may come to love going to the store. When I worked occasionally at my LYS I took my two (and then when the older was in school just the younger). They knew they weren't to mess up the yarn (although sometimes I would let them "shop") There were things they were only allowed at the shop and looked forward to (kids radio shows and books on tape were at the top of the list). If he could have his own corner for a few special toys and a safe place for snacks I am sure he will like the new normal too.

My special treat when I was going to the OB this past year was to stop at Panera for a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel and a decaf coffee. Usually it is a bar of good chocolate every couple weeks or Wednesday night ice cream.

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