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July 25, 2011



Allison, the store looks fabulous! Wish I lived close enough to come shopping in person-but it's probably better that I don't-heaven only knows how much yarn I would HAVE to buy!!


We'll miss you at the Summit, but you've clearly reached a new personal high at home. The store looks great - congrats!

Lisa Viviano

Congrats on the store. It looks great!


What a fabulous space - how exciting!!

Kim B.

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous. You must be dancing such a happy dance. Congratulations to you and yours...I know this was a team effort. Enjoy! Now off to shop with that discount....Thanks for it.

Patricia Richardson

The store looks great. Good job.


Gorgeous! When will you announce hours?


Oh, Alison! That must be what the inside of a rainbow looks like. Congratulations on creating such a beautiful space.

Patty McD

Allison, it looks gorgeous! Congratulations on this new beginning! I do wish you were closer!!!!!

Judy W

Allison - the store looks wonderful! Looking forward to the grand opening celebration and will be watching for the announcement. First thought - send flowers for that event. Second thought - you would probably appreciate an order more, so that is what I did.


Amazing before and after! Congratulations on all your worthwhile hard work and your wonderful new store. Thanks so much for the coupon code; I had to use it immediately. SSYC is definitely 4 me!




Pretty, pretty, pretty....


Congratulations, Alison. I look forward to a visit.

Wendy Shea

Good job Allison, a dream come true. I wish you every success - wish I could visit - would be dangerous though.


Absolutely terrific! Hope I can talk my DH into a road trip (can't drive myself for a bunch more weeks).


Congratulations, Allison. The store looks beautiful!


I'm impressed! Your store looks wonderful- you should be so proud!


You did it! The shop is beautiful.


Congratulations! It looks beautiful. I was trying to fit in a detour to your shop, but, alas, the family protested as it was two hours off our path - each way. Oh well. Perhaps a knitters' road-trip will be in order!

Vicki aka Dragonfly7673

I wish I lived nearby, it's gorgeous!!


All your comments are the running dialogue that's been in my head for the past few days! "Squee!" followed by a little hop, has been the exclamation of choice. The neighbors peering in the windows must think I'm nuts.


Congratulations on this grand success!
You've worked long and hard to get to where you are.
All of us who have known you from the beginning are cheering for you!!!


Your store is beautiful - absolutely lovely. Looking forward to perusing the sock yarn stock!

Congratulations on a great reno!


The store is beautiful, wish I lived closer to come and visit. You've done a great job.

Louise Cotulla

The store looks wonderful. I too, wish I lived close enough to stop in, but it's a bit too long a drive from Virginia.

Congratulations and much success in your beautiful new space!


Simply beautiful! What a great space!


Holy cow!! This is a seriously gorgeous space! I can be there in 4 hours...




LOVE IT! :-) It looks stunning.


Great space! It looks so lovely. WHEN will the store be open for us locals to come browse and shop and, of course, buy some sock yarn???


It's awesome! When will you open?


OMG this place looks fantastic!!!! I LOVE the before and after pic, literally took my breath away! LOTS of work has gone into this and it shows. Great job!

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