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June 02, 2011



The mail flushing sounds like something Newman would do on Seinfeld!




I don't know if all POs still have the catwalks but I know the larger distribution centers do. My daughter toured one in connection with her job for the Department of labor. Any estimated date for the opening? I'm amazed at how quickly the work is proceeding. Already contemplating a weekend trip which will also incleUde a visit to the Amish country. I've been to Lancaster County Pa (former sister in law lives in Reading). I was always impressed by how beautiful the young women look without a lick of make up - the healthy lifestyle I guess.


Love it, Love it, Love it!!!! Keep the pictures are making copies for a scrapbook, right? The building contractors, the materials used in the original structure, the history? I can't wait to see it finished!!!

Val Perry

I LOVE the purse kit I bought. It has opened a whole new technique for me. I was afraid to try a felting project. This was fun and people are really impressed that I made the purse myself~

Carole McCormick

I'm 'tickled pink' about your good news and can hardly wait to see the finished product -- and play with all the pretty yarn!

My husband and I lived in Lakeside years ago and East State Blvd. was our 'shopping center'.

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