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June 13, 2011



That's why I like socks - a color I could never wear next to my face will work fine on my feet, unless I am doing some extreme acrobatics (which would also result in pain and probably injury!) Your socks and that Amber Trinket are gorgeous!


I also guessed Tomato. Its on your blog. Love the nutkin pattern.


Your sock is beautiful! Think I'll try that pattern next. I'm knitting up madtosh sock in Earl Grey in the Monkey pattern. I love that color so much that I ordered it in the Pashmina, too.


Love that colour - I am going to knit Tanis Orange Blossom next - again not a colour I would choose. I love the Nutkin pattern but I found the instructions for turning the heel confusing so I did it the way I always do and it worked out fine. I particularly like the nice top edge. Glad you are finding some ME time - not easy during a renovation.


Good for you! You inspire us to try colors outside our "usual". Thanks!

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