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June 28, 2011



Good job, Mom!

Gina Guillotine

You ARE the mothering champion of the world! As long as he's not filling up on trash, he'll get all his nutrients without meat.

Since he's 4, he'll be staring kindergarten soon, and there is a book you may hind helpful or packing his lunches. It's called "The Vegan Lunchbox," by Jennifer McCann. Even though the recipes are vegan, not vegetarian, the ideas for what to pack may come in handy.

I bought his book for my own son when he was still in school, and it didn't help in the least because he opted to never take a lunch AT ALL! LOL It should come in useful for our 3 year old, though.

Some other cookbooks you may want to try just for kicks are Yellow Rose Recipes by Joanna Vaught. This one may be difficult to locate but it's got super easy, super grocery store friendly recipes in it, that are really good. I swear by this book.

The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen by Donna Klein is another one. Lots of pasta dishes, and most kids will eat pasta when they won't eat anything else.

If you really enjoy cooking and doing things yourself, like making your own sauces, you may want to try Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. She's also got a vegan brunch book with GREAT recipes.

I'm only mentioning vegan books because that's all I've got! hahaha I'm not trying to convert your family, I'm just throwing places to get good tasting recipes, should you ever need them for whatever reason.

You're right, trying to force a toddler to do things doesn't work a good chunk of the time. We're still letting our 3 year old go poopies in Pull Ups because she REFUSES to use the toilet for that. She'll hang onto that muck for a WEEK (no exaggeration, she's done it) if she has to just to keep from using a potty chair for the "big jobs". So, fine, I give up, for the time being she can use a dang Pull Ups. LOL

I'm loving your pictures of the shop. So exciting! I'm really happy for you, and can't wait to see the finished space!


You've discovered the secret to getting little kids to eat a variety of foods - just offer them & don't make a fuss. The only rule we had in our house was that, if I made it for dinner, everyone had to put some on their plate. Didn't have to eat it but it had to be on their plate. Well, seems that a toddler's natural curiosity will win out eventually & they'll try everything on their plate sooner or later. The trick is to not make a big deal about it. My girls ate almost everything eventually. Sometimes they'd just look at it on their plate the first 5 or 6 or more times I made it (I did make a point of always making sure there was at least one thing I knew they'd eat at each meal) but after awhile they'd decide that, if the rest of us were liking it, they might too & they'd try it. I remember one time when the younger girl went to our local food coop to buy produce & she was picking out the alfalfa sprouts & complaining that she liked the dark green ones but that at school she always ended up getting the pale ones. A nearby customer, observing us, was flabbergasted - first of all how did I have a child (she was about 4 at the time) who was so crazy about veggies, including sprouts? And what school did she go to that offered alfalfa sprouts to toddlers? Can't wait until your shop is open & we can come for a visit!


We instituted something called "courtesy bite" You didn't have to eat the whole thing, but you did have to take one bite to be polite..... :) Did work!


Ha the pleasure of mothering. I have a 24 year old daughter who still eats her meals and nothing has to be touching or mixed together :-P


I still have food issues...and I am 57!! Cannot eat anything soggy, cottage cheese, ketchup, pickles, fatty any thing, you get the picture. Forced to eat this when I was little. You choose your battles and if eating is not a war; you and he win!


Maybe you can give me almost 11 year old grandson still only eats from A very small list! James is such A beautiful little boy!Good job1

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