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June 21, 2011


Sheila Hoak

I knit socks all the time.I am interested in knitting samples.


Keep the pictures coming...the news article is great and car is gassed up and ready to road trip to Fort Wayne to see the shop! Congratulations again!


LOVE love love that floor!

Vivette Ashen-Brenner

I would love to sample knit for you, but a two week turn around isn't something I can promise, so I won't pursue further.


The floor looks fabulous!

I'd love to be a sample knitter, but I don't qualify in speed or quality. But if you ever need a sample by a slow begginer sock knitter, let me know... :o)


The your new project is coming along nicely. Love, love that floor. Love, love Miss Babs - do not love, love Canada Post.


Wendy, is Canada Post still on strike?


Yes, Canada Post is still on strike. The federal government has introduced legislation to force them back to work but that probably won't happen until the beginning of next week. In the meantime our anniversary kits and sock club are stuck somewhere in limbo. Sigh!!


Oh, man, that sucks. They did just ship out a week or so ago, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that they won't be delayed more than usual.


Minor point of clarification ... Canada Post workers are not on strike, they have been locked out by management.


the black and white tiles look fantastic!!

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