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June 30, 2011



Congratulations! It looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Sue Johnson

Congratulations on a job well done! This is a classic example of the American dream!


Gorgeous - congratulations!


Congratulations!!! It has to be a good omen that it was done early and well.


I am so excited for you!!!!! .....and me;) sock down, second will be started tonight! We will be at firehouse tea at 6ish if you are interested=)


Your yarn will look beautiful in this new space - I can hardly wait until the store is open - I feel a road trip comin'!


its been such fun watching the progress. Cant wait until the sock yarn starts to come in.


This looks beautiful! Can't wait to see what it looks like when filled with yarn goodness...


OMG!!! This place is gorgeous! And it does seem that it was done fast. I wish I lived closer.......


Thanks, all!
Chevas, I won't be able to make it tonight, but peek in the windows if you like, since you're just two doors down!


Oh.....we will;)


Good job Allison, congratulations to you. Wish I lived closer so I could visit your store but never mind, we have online shopping.


Wendy, having a storefront now will just make online shopping even better and quicker. Not only will my selection be able to expand quite a bit, but I'll be able to hire more people to keep up with things. It's going to be awesome!

Jean Folkerth

It looks fabulous! I feel a road trip coming up!!!!


Oh it looks gorgeous! Can't wait until we can come for a visit!


Hey Allison! Where's my bedroom going to be? You know, the one I'll stay in when I come for the weekend to shop.

Seriously - good job woman! I am proud of you.


Congrats! How I'll have to schedule a visit:)


When will you be open! Am very interested in coming in!


Congratulations! It looks absolutely fabulous! You WILL have an awesome summer! Can't wait to visit!


When is the grand opening?? Road trip from Chicago!!


Nicely done, Alison and Joe.

blogless grace

Beautiful space! Cannot wait to see it filled--or even half-filled! Congratulations


Absolutely beautiful - what fun to watch the process!!

Judy Whitelock

The space is wonderful and so full of great light! Your photos and comments are great fun to enjoy. Would offer to help, but doubt that Joe wants another person offering their "suggestions".


It looks beautiful! Congratulations!


Beautiful building- I wish that I lived closer so I could see it in person! Love the floor- you did a great job picking it out.

Barb R

May the yarn, orders and money pile high my dear! Faith matters and you are an excellent example to me of how much a little faith can do. Your opening this shop also gives me hope...that all in this country is not lost. There are still a few brave souls who will put out into the deep and are not afraid.

Thanks for keeping your dream alive because by living for yours you help me believe that I too, can one day see my dreams come true.

Barb R.


Congratulations! What a wonderful dream that has come to be. Wishing you many happy years..


I wish I lived closer so I could visit in person :( Congratulations of the early finish to the reno and good luck in your new space

Camilla Nelson

Congratz Allison!!!
Cannot wait so see shop fully stocked.
Truly a labor of love.

God Bless your new shop adventure!


Melanie Endres

Beautiful building! I sure wish I didn't live on the other side of the country! I will happily continue to order online though. :)


It looks wonderful! I cannot wait til I can come in and see the finished product!

Phyllis Oviatt

I have always loved Simply Sock Yarn for all my yarn needs. Your new space is utterly fantastic. I would love to visit one day!
I have recommended SSYC to all my knitting friends and wish you much success in your new place.

Nan DiGangi

It looks great - good luck to you! Let us know if you need anything. Will definately get over there and check it out. I use to work there when it was the elevator company back in the 80's. Nan

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