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May 19, 2011


tammy pell

Cream walls, white trim! Let the yarn colors POP!


What about something that would give you a hint of color (or a mid-tone) and cream trim? An special accent wall might be nice too.


Have you considered getting some advice from a decorator? Depending on which direction your natural light is coming from (eg north south etc.) there are certain undertones even for a cream or near white paint that would enhance the store. Just a thought. susan


I like your idea of white and cream. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to see clearly when choosing yarns or knitting them. Many yarn shops I have been in have terrible lighting, and it definitely affects color selection.


Our furniture showroom (with lots of color in fabric prints and solids) has just been painted in a color called Shortbread (they got it at Benjamin Moore but when I Googled it - it comes up a Martha Stewart color) It's nice and doesn't take away from colors. Another one is Behr paint - Pale Honey (Home Depot) It's almost the color of a good bees wax candle - warm without having much yellow in it that would shout yellow. I have one room painted with that and have my wall hanging quilts (all mult colors) in the room and it accents the colors really well.


PS - when I said furniture showroom - it was for where I work - wish I had that much room at home :-)


My SO painted his living space a color I call Post-It Note Yellow - a pale yellow that works great as a backdrop to the rest of his decor.


I agree with no fluorescent lighting. Maybe something similar to an OTT Light that doesn't change the color of fibers. I also agree with letting the sock yarn colors pop and speak for themselves is a great idea. I think a neutral color or extremely pale color on the walls would work well.

Amy Samin

I get more than distracted enough by the yarn! I love the idea of cream for the walls, sounds perfect. Warm, not too harsh.

Cyndy Landers

I think you are absolutely right about the colors. go neutral. Don't compete with the yarn. One thing I always think would be a good addition to a yarn store is to have a really good OTT light set up somewhere or a professionally lighted area where you could take the yarns to so that you could really see the 'true' colors. It would probably be way too expensive to do the whole store that way but just one little area would do the trick. too many times I've come home from a store and what I picked out is not what I thought it was.


I agree. Go neutral. Cream walls, white trim. Let the yarn colors show themselves.

Kim B.

I like yarn colors to not be compromised by wall color. I think neutrals or perhaps a pale yellow for a little accent is as bold as you would want to go. Afterall, the lovely yarn will liven up the space.


All of the color should come from the merchandise, no question! You won't need any more color than that.


I'm so releived to hear you say that I should stay light and neutral! I just came back from the paint store with half dozen creams to try out on the walls- and a couple greens for my office walls.
The painters are already priming everything so I have to make the paint decision this weekend- things are moving along SO quickly!

I agree about a good OTT light. That's a smart feature to have.


I would just agree with everyone else. Neutrals are definitely the way to go. If you want something a bit different, you could go with taupe with white or cream trim. It's not a color I ever thought of for walls but, when my daughter bought her first house in Baton Rouge about 10 years ago, I accompanied them when visiting open houses. almost every house had taupe walls in the living areas with white or cream trim. It was far more attractive than I would have thought (I guess it was very popular in that area - I've never seen it in the Chicago area). It looks like you have enough light to use a darker neutral color on the walls. Pale gray would be another possibility. Any projected grand opening dates?


Happy to read about your new adventure. Lots of decisions to make and you were smart to consider paint colors. It looks like you agree with the consensus of cream color for the walls. But finding the right shade can be a challenge too. At least it was for me when hunting for the color for my south-facing, sunny living room. Good luck.


I lean toward the cream and white. You can decorate with the yarn and even art work on the walls instead of the color on the walls. This will allow you to switch out colors and themes w/o having ot consider the wall color. The place looks amazing!!!! I'm so happy for you!


I agree with the cream trimmed with white. I hate, hate white walls. And, I think gray would be too cold, especially in the winter time.


Well, I think you have a consensus, and I agree. I love colored walls, but they'd interfere with the yarns. I think cream and white are perfect for the sales floor, and in your office, knock yourself out.
You might visit a lighting store to see what choices are available. I've seen some pretty great results from combining fluorescent bulbs with full spectrum bulbs. Just a thought. I'm happy and excited for you!

Nathanne Verner

In my adventures in painting the inside of my house, I found that light and shadow really change the color of the paint. So we took some white cheapo paper plates, put a coat of paint on them, and taped them to the walls in different locations. It was amazing. Even an off white can look grayish, or yellowish depending on where the light and shadow hit it. You can even mix your own color of paint, be sure to write down the proportions of everything so you can duplicate it. A lot of decorators mix their own paint. Good luck, and happy painting.


Behr at Home Depot is number 1 paint by Consumer Reports and yep, neutral colors would be perfect...of course green for your office! :)


So glad to read that you are taking a giant step forward with the new place and taking the place backwards to it's original walls! This sounds delightful! Fluorescent lighting should still be a consideration because it is more "green". Different colors of light can also affect different experiences of your customers that you might want to reseach. There are full spectum fluorescent lights that will give you true color that will run with less energy than halogen (real hot) and incandescent (less hot).

Looking at the tile, if you have not decided on flooring how about bamboo? It would go nice with the tiles and be hard wearing and "green"? I look forward to visiting! Best Wishes,

Patty McD

I am so glad you are not using fluorescent lighting! I hate having to decide on a color in that light and will usually ask if I can take it outside or move over near the door. Congratulations Allison! I am so happy for you! I wonderif we can get a road trip going from SoCal!!!!!

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