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May 18, 2011



Its so incredibly exciting to think of your shop getting a home in a restored building. Two good things. It will probably become a tourist attraction for knitters!


How very exciting! I'm so happy for you. I love the demo part of renovating. It's fun and like you said - full of possibilities!


It's going to be great! And I couldn't believe I recognized the building-- we moved away from Fort Wayne in 1989. I know it will be a wonderful area for your store.


This is going to be such fun to watch the progression pix. Save everything you can as one never knows when and where it can be used. It took me a bit, but finally decided what neighborhood and what building that had to be - and the link today proved it - great to be right once in a blue moon!

Melissa Cherney

I keep forgetting how close you are (I'm in Toledo) and would absolutely love to road trip out there once the store is up and running! Best of luck to you!


Allison - is your building considered a historical building?


I used to live on Crescent, and walk to the library branch - Abby Brown's Chocolate - and the bakery when it was the Scott.

It will be so exciting to see the progress, and to know that I live close enough to come visit the store! And see all your wonderful yarn in person


Possibility is the most exciting word in the English language. That part with the cedar shake shingles reminds me of the building that previously housed Have Ewe Any Wool? In Elmhurst Illinois. Too bad you won't be able to save the terrazzo but maybe you'll luck out with the milk glass globes. It will be exciting to see. I'll have to check out the contractor"s FB page.

This is so exciting to see. Please continue to update. It's so exciting, I'm tempted to drive down and see the place myself. You must invite all of us to your open house. Wow! Thank you for sharing.


I know from experience that demo and refitting a building can be interesting. I had similar trials when buying my 100+year old house. Some interesting design elements:)

Anne fiorenza

Congratulations and good luck! I am trying to imagine my husband's reaction when I tell him we are planning to hit Fort Wayne on vacation next year!


Good Luck Allison....I'm sure you will be great at whatever you put your mind to! Can't wait to see the finished shop...


You won't have time now, but please save all pictures and sometime start a scrapbook of the building changes so customers can see what was and what is now your will be a huge keepsake! Maybe you have a friend who scrapbooks and would do it as a shop warming present? :)

Anne Marie

WOW! Your photos give me flash backs to the set up of my husband's business six years ago. We gutted and old (not really - 1960s) brick insurance building and turned it into a dental office. Definitely not as exciting as a yarn shop, but it pays for the yarn!


Wow fort wayne will soon have 3 yarn stores! Are you worried you will have a hard time breaking into the market?

Adell Lovett

I've been trying to get our newly closed on house painted (the inside anyway) and it is slow going by myself. I can't get over how much they have gotten done already. Do you lend them out? lol. JK.

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