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April 18, 2011



Is it glued or stitched on? Love it!


I can't wait to see if others have some other cool ideas for yarn!


I had forgotten about that. My girls did yarn paintings at preschool years ago. I know my grands would love that.


I saved all kinds of jars with lids, baby food, etc. and bought invisble glue from craft stores. My kids would sit on a rainy day and brush glue on the jar, a small amount at at time, and begin spiraling yarn around it till they got to the top.They used those for gifts to store things in: pennies, paperclips, buttons, etc. We glued felt on top of the lid to match the yarn, and the yarn jars were a hit with evryone.


cute idea


Make your own sewing cards. Get some attractive card stock at a scrapbooking place. Have your son draw simple shapes on large cards..stars, a house, the sun, his name, etc. Using a hole punch, have him, or you, punch a few holes along the outlines. Then, using a yarn needle and scraps, have him sew the outlines.


I love it- Nice of you to contribute to our schools. I know the art teacher and she was so excited to get the yarn. She borrowed my swift and ball winder to get it ready for the kids. Again, I say thanks Allison!


Jan, I figured you knew what was up! That was so nice of you to loan out your equipment. I went to middle school there too, and had her aunt as my art teacher. It all comes back around, doesn't it?


Is he old enough to "knit" with his fingers? I saw it on an episode of Knitty Gritty a long time ago.

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