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April 12, 2011


Sharon Hansen

I'm torn between The Kiss and Mont Sainte- Victoire. Love the golds and blacks in The Kiss and the purples and greens in Mont Sainte- Victoire. I like dogs playing poker but am not so in love with the colorway.


Allison, My vote is for Mont Sainte-Victoire, love the colors.


I'm loving The Kiss--the lovely gold and black that could have little pops of colors from all the flowers (so it wouldn't be too bee stripey).

Kay L

Another "love" for Mont Sainte-Vitoire but I'm a purples, blues and greens sort of person.


Of the three, I vote for Mont Sainte-Victoire. Also, my two favorite paintings are Van Gogh's Starry Night(starry, hint hint) and Monet's Waterlilies. Both, I think, would inspire to-die-for colorways.


Of the options listed I like the Mont Sainte-Victoire....for another time maybe how about this:

I adore this picture/painting of Albert Anker and the "Little Knitters"...a small girl knitting a SOCK while a little boy looks on and tries to do the is precious...hope I added this link right!


I'd go with The Kiss-enough with the greens already! I'd love something either with Monet or O'Keefe.One subtle, the other definitely not.


Because I'm most intrigued by the painting, I vote for The Kiss (don't tell my dogs!). What a fun idea, both as a future participant in the club, and as a dyer that gets to play and interpret!


How about something by J. M. W. Turner? Or Matisse?


Do a loud Franz Marc.


I vote for Mont Sainte-Victoire. I do love me some Starry night too.


I'm a huge Monet fan & one of my favorite paintings is Sandviken Village in the Snow. I never go to the Art Institute without visiting it:

or this one:

And any of the water lily paintings are nice or the Seine paintings with mist


Starry Night by Van Gogh and really any of his stuff from that era. There is one with a ripe wheat field--wonderful yellows and some with gorgeous poplar type trees against a blue sky with those great white clouds.


How about a Peter Max Dancer painting? Lots of stars, rainbows and 1960s colors.


I, too, vote for Mont Sainte-Victoire. I would love to see some sock yarn with those colors. Starry Night would get my vote too, if that were under consideration. I'll be a first-time sock club member. The idea of dyeing yarn to "match" paintings is truly inspired. :o)


The Kiss.


I vote for The Kiss


Oh I do like Cezannes work.


I vote for the kiss - I love the yellow/gold!


What about Monet's Peaches?
I do love a still life...


Dogs Playing Poker - I'm just attached to the soothing earth tones.


I vote for Cezanne; it is a beautiful painting. As other folks have mentioned though, Van Gogh would definiely work too.


definitely The Kiss


I definitely vote for The Kiss. Love the colors!


I vote for Monte Sainte-Victorie. I'm a blue tones fan.


I'm torn! I rescue dogs so the Dogs Playing Poker is great but I've always been a fan of Klimt. I think I still vote Dogs!

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