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April 15, 2011



Just dyed up the cashmere sock yarn you sent me pictures coming soon to my blog. Love it thanks so much

Cyndy C

Alison, Are any of the three yarns likely to pool/flash?


Wow, Alison, I'm so excited about the new club. Your clubs are the best out there. I am salivating over the marvelous surprises you have in store.


Hi Cyndy,
Great question. Will my experience with the dyers, two a quite unlikely. The third is a toss-up. The way it's dyed, I can't answer until I knit it myself.

I'm so glad of the response! So many knitters signing up!


I meant to type *with*, not *will*. And *are* instead of *a*. Oops.


Thanks Alison. I appreciate the answer.


I meant to add that, for me, this type of club is perfect. I like that there is a theme but no patterns or stuff. I always seem to want to choose the pattern myself. Just contrary I guess. That said I love my mug from last year.

George Bowen

Hi, I was wondering if there is anyway for me to sign up to get updates for this blog?

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