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April 04, 2011



Will you be getting that fun pink and white stripe (in cashmere)?


Trifid Nebula? I'll put that on the list.


ohhhh love the purple and black yummy


That color combo is perfection!! Love how it flows!

Sylvia Shoenfeld

Long ago I was told that our eye is attracted to the color we look best in. So, I was never distressed that my closet is full of khaki, denim and purple. Knitting has opened my eyes to new colors because I think about the person I am knitting for...what would look best on them...what color would please them. The combinations of color used by Lorna Laces are magical and I am open to new possibilities.


Gak! I have been checking the blog every day hoping to see when you got some more of the St. Paddy's Day rainbow, and missed it again! I did not check a second time yesterday. ~pout~ I have now added it to my bookmarks toolbar. I will now be checking every time I go online! LOL


Yeah, things will pop back on briefly if someone cancels and order or something like that. You still might see it pop back if something happens, otherwise it will be a month or more...

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