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April 26, 2011



Given your description, and a plug for your shop name, I would name it "Simply".

Lisa Viviano

Backdoor skyline. It's gorgeous.


I would name it Serenity.

Janene Reeves

Simpler Times....

Janene Reeves

Or maybe, Amish Paradise...


English Woodland


Simple Joy


Amish Spring? I love it - the colors are gorgeous & I share your feelings about the Amish. My former sister in law lives near the Amish in Pennsylvania (you know the area - the towns have names like Blue Ball & Intercourse which makes everyone snicker). We spent several summer vaations visiting her. It is susch a beautiful area & the Amish people look so serene & the girls look so beautiful without a lick of makeup. Must be the healthy lifestyle.


Sunday Best


Woodburn Washday


I have no name but I DO have a WOOT WOOT!!!! Yep, you showed them! And you've done a fantastic job.


Simply Skies


Amish Skies


How about just.....Amish Clothesline! Seems as if you have already named it? Perfect!


In a past job, I often worked with Amish farmers in Pennsylvania. I was always impressed with the Amish sense of community. Community to them was more than friends, more than family - it is a reason for working hard and striving to do the right thing for those around you; it is a way to support one another and rejoice in one another; it is a gift. When you talk of the people you have met through your business, your blog, Sock Summit, etc., I think again of community. So my suggestion for the sock name is Community. After six years, that is what you've built. And here's to at least another sixty years of success to you!


Oh and PS - I totally want that yarn!


"Lancaster Blend" The yarn looks just like the sights and colors of Lancaster Co, PA...just minutes from where I live.


I know it doesn't have anything to do with your inspiration for the color, but the first thing I thought of when I saw the skein (after "I want it!" =)) was Abalone. Then Abalone Sky. Abalone Sky sounds peaceful, serene, and precious all in one. I think it applies to this skein!


Gathering Together, as you do with your friends, family, or congregation (or your clean laundry!).


Why not Calm Breeze. I love this colorway!

Nancy H

Summer on the porch.

susan f

I think it should be called
A Pretty"Plain"Palette--since "plain" is used by the amish to refer to themselves, and this is definitely the palette of colors they prefer.

by the way, this is a stunning colorway and I sure hope I don't miss the posting when it goes on sale///love love love this skein. one of your best yet allison.


Branch Blossom - that touch of the branch color makes me think of tree branches that have just started to blossom... love the colors!!!

Sara Lee Albright

it looks like James' Easter Shirt from the pic posted on 04/26 , so how 'bout naming it James' Shirt ?

Renee S.

How about "Simplicity".............


I have some Old Order Amish friends - here are my suggestions that either remind me of them or locations of where they live...
1. Plain N' Fancy
2. Sunday Singing (where the young couples meet and pair up to date)
3. Strasburg (where many of my friends live in Lancaster Co)
4. Annie's Wedding (she recently - a widow - remarried on New Years Day, and these colors were worn in her wedding party)
5. Verna's Garden - a very dear Amish friend of mine who has lovely gardens with lavender in them (one of her favorite flowers and she does wear these colors)


QUESTION - when this kit comes out - will we have the opportunity to purchase extra skeins without purchasing a second kit. Would love extra yarn to knit for gifts for friends or even a shawl for myself.


Spring Country Morning. And it's breathtaking. Can't wait for this kit!


Mayberry. It's gorgeous!

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

What a beautiful combination of colors! So many other folks posted good names. Myy suggestion is Field of Patchwork Dreams.


I think I would call it "In Meditation"


Serene Breeze ...and it looks fabulous!


Peaceful Spring


Einfach--which is German for "simple'

Janet Gabbert

Keep it simple: Amish Socks yarn


I really like Amish Clothesline.. which someone already suggested...loverly colorway...


I agree, I think Amish Clothesline is the best suggestion.
And when will you be letting us know when it will be available?

Patty McD

I think you've already picked the perfect name, Amish Clothesline. It does paint a lovely picture in my minds eye!

Jean Marie

Mountain Meadow (at dawn) is what popped into my's quite pretty, I think you'd better get a lot of it!


Amish Colors


I kind of like Viola.


Simply Socks. Of course!


Gorgeous yarn. And a BIG WOOT! to you. I don't have a name but there are great ones that have been suggested. I have a particular favorite but since no one asked me I won't say...LOL....can't wait for the kit.


Jumping on the Amish Clothesline bandwagon...I also would be interested in additional skeins without extra kits.


Since it has all the colors of nature, how about naming the skein "Mother Nature"


How about unencumbered?


Amish Cape Dress


How about The Simple Life?


I would like to name it solace. When I saw the colors in the skeing they gave me a sense of peace and calm after a long and very difficult day. It was comforting to imagine sitting peacefully and knitting something wonderful.

blogless grace

Enchanted--the mix of lavenders and greens with enough brown to keep things earthly.


Falling Waters

Tina Smith

I am going to put my vote in for Amish Clothesline as well.


Monday Morning Melody. Its gorgeous.

Babette Hindle

I would name it DreamWeaver, it's a gorgeous yarn

Cyndy Landers

It's gorgeous. Can't wait to own some!!! I'd call it Amish Country Spring.


When i saw it my mind instantly thought "Earth Sea and Sky". Very, very beautiful. Can't wait for the kit!


Old Shaker Tune: "Simple Gifts"

tammy pell

Amish Clothesline, just as you mentioned.
I can see the color of their clothing with this skein too!


I vote for Amish Clothesline. It brings up such a nice image. Lovely yarn and can't wait for the kit!


alaskan sky!- The green is the aurora borealis, silver for the glistening snow, blue reminds me of the icebergs... and the dark color the night when it makes it appearance. good luck on naming it.


So beautiful! I also agree with Amish Clothesline.


Lakefront Cabin. :)

I see the colors of a quiet, shady porch overlooking a lake -- the perfect place for knitting.


How about Amanda's Morning Sky?

Kathleen B.

Serene. The colors are so calming and beautiful.

Bettye B

Amish Clothesline !!! It's beautiful. I admire your tenacity!

Patricia Richardson

How about Simply Spring or Simple Life.


Why don't you name it "Simple Things"

Sarah Jorgenson

I would name it Spa Day - it is beautiful and calming. Just like I feel when I go the Spa. I hope you have plenty ordered. I must have some!!!


Alabaster Sky is what I would call it..and I can't even say why? Love the colour..and want soon as available..LOL


So many excellent suggestions already. Perhaps "Country Linen"?

Like others I thought you had basically named it. You were spot on with saying that it reminded you of the Amish. I lived in an Amish community area for several years and loved driving slowly past in the spring and summer while the wash was hanging out on the line as I was driving to/from work. Reminded me of my grandmother and helping her with the clothesline. Thanks for the memory.


I don't think this has been mentioned yet, but how about Amish Morning?


My suggestion is Amish Breeze.

Please say the winning name gets a free skein! I just love the colors you chose. It really does look serene.

Oh, another idea is Serenity.

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