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April 04, 2011



I'm naturally drawn to reds and pinks, but on a gray and rainy day like today, I'm thinking yellows to cheer me up.


I love Lorna's Laces.... love the colors, the way it knits and the way it wears! It is a good choice for larger feet too because there is a lot of yardage...


Lorna's Laces is great! I just pulled three different skeins from my stash to start summer socks. Since these are socks for in my tennis shoes (and not clogs like usual) I want to use something that will stand up to the wear. LL does the job and is always a pleasure to work with and wear. I love that you have so many colors. I am also finding that the SSYC solids are great workhorse yarns too. The more I wash my SSYC socks, the more I like them.


I love them all, but SSY color is my fave! I love pinks and browns and if I don't win, I might have to order it anyway!


I have to admit my favourite Lornas Laces was the colourway for your third anniversary. I just think that the socks cheer me up every time I put them on.
I have socks that are bright and cheery for a wet and wild cold day, and then ones that are semi solid and lacy for a gentle quiet spring day, where it's just still a little too cold to go with out socks.
I must admit I've been through a greens stage with socks, from bright to moss, though I can feel a loving for purple and magenta creeping up on me. Sort of sophisticated brightness.


A favorite Lorna's Laces? That is really not possible - there are so many wonderful colors speaking to you. The multis are fabulous - Country Christmas, Icehouse, Liberty, Maple Grove, Seaside, Tomfoolery, Woodlawn - and the spectacular new Simply Socks - just for starters. Love the solids in Brick and Sage, and the Lucky striped skein. I have some Liberty socks that were knitted at least ten years ago and they are still in wonderful condition and worn every week. No one can go wrong with Lorna's Laces!

Sharon Hansen

Yellow. Who was it that had the Colourway Kill Bill named after the movie? That is one of my favorite movies. Yellow and black was the colourway of the skein like Kiddo, "The Bride" why yellow she was the hero of the movie who wore yellow and black. If you think of Transformers the movie the transformer Bumble Bee was also yellow and black. I don't necessarily like yellow on me personally it makes me look sallow. I'm a fair skinned brunette with blue eyes. However, what I associate with that color changes the way I feel about it. Favorite Lorna's Laces Color probably has been Zombie BBQ. Pea green and hot pink. I love green and especially hot pinks. Favorite color in general is green like the Emerald Isle- Ireland

Debby Borns

I love Lorna's Laces. But picking just one color and saying it's my favorite would be impossible. There are just so many great colorways. I'm actually knitting a pair of socks in the pewter color right now (for one of the men in the family) and even this solid color has all kinds of depth to it. I do love knitting with the mixed colorways and just watching the colors change. Love it, love it, love it! And the SSYC color is fantastic.

Maureen L

I've never knit with Lorna's Laces, but I'd love to have a chance to. The Baltic Sea colour really appeals. The yarn colourway you're giving away would be wonderful for me to knit for a special person.


I'm staring out at grey skies and mucky slushy streets, so colors like Bittersweet and Rainbow and Sweetie are what are catching my eye. (Although I'm dressed in neutrals with a pair of Black Purl Pomatomus on my feet!)


I bought the Burnside color from you at Sock Summit '09, and I knit it up into Leyburn socks for my husband. He was born and raised in Portland, and was so very supportive of me going to Sock Summit. I wanted to make something special for him. I called his socks "Les Burnsides", and he loves to wear them.

Now, we are preparing to move back to the Portland area (from California). We will be living just east of Happy Valley, so I am naturally thinking of knitting with that multi-pastel colorway, inspired by the mood of ANTICIPATION.


Satsuma. Yummy orange. I love orange. It makes me happy. No matter where I am.(Super pleased to hear about the increase in yardage!!)


Nancy, that's such a cool story. I love it when the name or the color of a particular yarn speaks to me and fits where I am in my life. For the store's first sock yarn club, one of the dyers created a colorway named after my newborn son, and that skein will always be special.


One of my daughters love anything with shades of red and the other loves anything with blues....I would have to choose TWO different yarns and make two pairs of socks!


For me, its the Apple Hill colorway, it reminds me of being in Hawaii where both the sky and the ocean are such beautiful blues and then you have the warm tropical flower colors as well. Hawaii is where we honeymooned and we now holiday there for 2 weeks every January so it's a special place for us.


Well, you should just see my LL stash. I have enough for a pair of socks out of nearly every color, and I'm still collecting. I just completed socks for my 22-year-old son from Zombie BBq (size 12 feet knitted on size 0 needles!). He loves them and now is requesting a matching beanie out of Shepherd Worsted (also soft as butter). This morning I cast on a pair of Embossed Leaves socks in Powder Blue. I think Forest is my favorite as it brings to mind walking through the stillness of the Olympic rain forest.


Red. Always red, no matter my mood. If it's gray, it brightens things. If I'm upset, it matches.

Lisa Viviano

Every year at springtime I'm drawn to shades of yellow. I guess my body is telling me I've missed the sunshine.

Dawn Castro

I love the Shadow colorway. It reminds me of sitting on the deck overlooking the ocean in the early morning hours. That always puts me in the best of moods.


I'm an all things in green girl, but the greens and blues of Huron caught my eye. I knit a beautiful scarf using Pearl yarn in the Huron colorway. These colors feel like spring to me; blue skies and bright green buds. Makes me happy.

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

I am so weak when it comes to Lorna's Laces. I especially like Satsuma and Huron. I got a peek at the new Jared Flood color a couple of weeks ago when I went on a tour and it is yummy!


I have never been able to knit with Lorna's Laces and have always longed to. The colors are so wonderful. I love the Huron colorway - I grew up with Lake Huron in my backyard and my favorite place now is a cottage on the north end of Lake Huron. It makes me feel peaceful and centered, in tune with the lake and nature, reveling in the the myriad colors of the water.


The Multi Daffodil really caught my eye. It looks like spring. My grandma always knit us mittens in variegated yarns and it the multi colors alway remind me of the fun of getting a new pair.

Debbie H

I love Lorna's Laces. I've made several things, one of which is this scarf.
It's my fav summer scarf. Thanks for the giveaway. Debbie in Alaska


To cheer me up on a gray day, I'd knit with Lucky Stripe; for a summer day at the beach, I'd pick Avondale. Color in yarn (and other things) really has a way of affecting my mood, and I think about that when I'm choosing my projects. Thanks for the chance to win - the SSYC colorway is very cheery too!


I'm really loving Clara's Garden. Such soft colors makes me think of spring flowers. It seems like it's finally turning to Spring here in New York. I'm just thinking of all the sock patterns that would look wonderful knitted up in That SSYC color! Thank you for sharing.


I am currently knitting the shawlette pattern that came with my hot pink, sparkley Dream in Color Starry (014). Makes me feel sassy. The hubby better look out once it's done & I start wearing it (with everything I bet) & feeling all sassy!!


I'd pick Purple Club for cooling off from the Texas heat, or Rainbow because its too hard to pick a favorite bright color.


I love them all. Lorna's Laces is my favorite yarn to knit with. I always know exactly what is going to happen with it. I have knit five pairs and I love them all. I also have lots more in my stash and I am really thinking about the SSYC colorway.

Jen W

My favourite LL colour is Embers - it has my favourite colours (black and red) with a nice smoky finish which reminds me of barbecue food - yum yum... ;-)


Picking a single favorite is impossible. I like brights but rich ones not neon. But the subtle shades in Midway keep calling to me and I almost never go for neutrals


Love Lorna's Laces, just love it! I love colourful socks in general, but am definitely partial to teals and oranges, especially put together... although yellow sock yarn has been known to put a smile on my face, too...


If my day needs a pick-me-up I choose reds/cranberry and if my day is frenetic/crazy and I need a calming moment I choose denims/aquas. I am not much for multicolor yarns, so I go with the almost solids.


Brown, gold, copper .... I gravitate toward all the colors of fall. The only time I really deviate from that is for a really great blue or green. I think brown gets a bad rap - it's so much more luminous than people give it credit for!


Oh I would have to choose Midway, don't know if it's the season's changing or just some of my favorite colors but that yarn speaks to me.."knit me.. knit me"


Devon because that's wgere we live...inPA


I love the SSYC color. For some reason, I've been knitting with lots of blues all winter and it's time to change to something a little more colorful.

To me, Lorna's Laces Circus is the happiest colorway. It reminds me of spring crocuses. Even though fall is my favorite season, all of spring's buds and blossoms just have a way of making me happy.


This time of year, when we're planting in Central Texas, I'm drawn to the greens of fresh plants, grasses and trees. The back porch is perfect for an afternoon of relaxing and knitting something beautiful.


I like the reds and pinks and the purples oh heck I love it all. I have never met a color I didn`t love


My favorite pair of socks that I have worn over and over this winter are made from Amy's Vintage Office. They have held up sp well. I machine wash and throw in the dryer for a few minutes and they still look and feel great!

Cyndi J

At the moment, I am looking forward to kniiting a pair of socks in the Zombie BBQ colorway. My son, daughter & I all love to hang out & watch zombie movies and the socks will remind me of those evenings every time I wear them!
and I am sure I will get requests for 2 more pairs! lol!

Debby G.

Love all the colors! For some reason though, my stash is primarily made up of reds & bright blues. Anything bright always makes me smile.

Linda Gettmann

Southshore looks pretty good, anything with some vibrant colors to get rid of all this rain, dreary grey we've had in the Pacific NW for the past several weeks! If I look hard I can see a few new bright green leaves starting to come out on some of the wild bushes around our hillside.
Linda G.

Deb W

Love color! Love Lorna's Laces! Love jewel tones & greens are the best! Socks are the most fun but I 'm always open to new inspiration. My 7 month old granddaughter seems to need a spring sweater....Thanks for the opportunity! Think Spring!!!

Fern Wigner

I love knitting things in shades of violet which remind me of a fall sunset.


I've never used LL before, so I might just have to change that sometime soon.
I love the colors in the Baltic Sea colorway - blues, browns, and purples. Reminds me almost of twilight, when the sunset is dying away and night is just starting to fall...


I absolutely love the color of Bittersweet, but I also love Daffodil, Flames, Tatsuma, Tomfoolery, Valentine and Woodlawn too. There are too many from which to choose. The colors are addicting and I can see how you ended up with so many!

Gail Skurski

Love South Shore lots and lots...waiting for spring in New England is requiring much patience.......alfoot

Jolene (Jobodesigns on Ravelry)

I love many of the colorways, but really the blue and green ones catch my eye! Any of those! Maybe it comes from growing up on an island... Love my oceany blues and fresh living greens?!


I love all the spring colors. I think I am drawn to the pinks this year!

Denise Russart

Southshore or Burnside - for any mood, any day - those are comfort colors to me

Mary Beth

Pilsen is absolutely gorgeous!!! I would knit this while lounging with my hubby and watching movies!!


I like South Shore and I'd like to knit it sitting on my patio in the morning sun!

Marilyn in NM

Lornas Laces is one of my absolute favorite yarns. I've made several pairs of socks and each pair has turned out perfectly. I especially love the South Shore colorway. It shouts 'Summer' to me! Great contest!!!!


My favorite LL color is Mineshaft: I feel sophisticated when I wear that color. My second favorite is Zombie Barbecue (which is closer to my real self). :-)


I love the bright colors of Cat Bordhi's AHA! colorway in Lorna's Laces shepherd sock. Always cheers me up.


THe Maple Grove is a one of a kind. What a uniquw color combo. I love it


I'd have to say Butterscotch is my favorite color right now. It not only looks good, but sounds good too!

Kay L

I love the Glenwood colorway. Also Bittersweet is a bubbly color that works well for colorwork or by itself. And if I'm in a quirky mood, Jungle Stripe is the way to go!


I love Lorna's Laces SO much! I have more LL in my stash than any other yarn. It's hard to pick just 1 favorite, but I do really, really love zombie bbq. It makes me smile and I love how all of the monsters look knitted up in that color!


Wow! Asking me to choose a favorite color of LL is like asking me to choose a single favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's...I'd have to try them all to make a final decision. However, since neither time nor budget will allow that,my favorite from my stash today is Glenwood. I find it a very peaceful combo. It speaks of the softness of Spring even if we haven't seen any Spring in Minnesota yet. I am also very attracted to Bittersweet because its riotous assortment of vivid colors reminds me of a garden full of zinnias in the summer.

Jane Hartin

I'd like to be in a chalet on the side of a mountain in Pigeon Forge, TN the week before Christmas, with all my family there but doing their own thing, sitting in a rocking chair looking out at light snowfall coming down, fire in the fireplace, knitting socks out of LL Country Christmas. Best. Christmas. Ever.


I love them all, Icould never pick just one.


Well, Pilsen sure is speaking today. As I reflect through this winter it is all there -dark and warm colors to help pull me through the cold and then when complete a beauty that says -ok the work is done and now it is tiome to enjoy! Great on the hands and fingers while knitting and fun on the feet when completed. Thanks for a chance to win more sock yarn.


I love my greens. Actually, "love" is too mild a word... unfortunately, half my friends and family love it too and I always have to fight them off when I finish a pair of green socks (and fail miserably... I *STILL* have to get a green pair of socks for me :-( )

I have a pair of striped socks that are done in bright, totally outrageous colors that don't match *anything* in my wardrobe (bright yellows,oranges, greens, purples, blues, etc) - I wear them on days that I'm feeling blah. With the pants and shoes I tend to wear at work, no one can see em, but I know that they are there and it cheers me up.


Goldens can be counted on to make me smile. This week I've gathered all the bedraggled daffodils to dye some handspun a lovely lemon-sherbet color. Calling the sun!


New to sock knitting, and haven't tried Lorna's Laces but I've heard great things about it. The colorways are gorgeous! I don't think I could go wrong with any of them. Would love to be entered in the drawing. :)


I'm one of the few who have never had the pleasure of knitting with Lorna's Laces but would love to! I love earthtones and really like the Midwway, Huron and South Shore. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway :)


I love a bright and cheerful color any day. In the winter it warms me, in the spring it is bright and cheery, great after a long, cold winter. SATSUMA would remind me of a cold slice of cantelope or on orange water ice for teh summer. In the fall, that color would remind me of the colorful mums. Yes, I think I would like Satsuma. I would probably be happy with any of the colors...


After a winter of seemingly endless grey, overcast days ANYTHING in red, yellow and orange! Something bright and cheery, even borderline brightly obnoxious to remind me there are other colors besides, grey sky, white snow and mud.
Thanks for having so many colors to choose from! Your shop always cheers me up :)

Sue Dial

I love to sit and watch the waves as I knit so south shore is my favorite color. I sure hope I win. I have never won any yarn.


I love Midway, it's so soft and some how dreamy looking. I would love to knit a pair of socks with any of the colors! Thanks for giving me a chance to win in this giveaway!

Darlene Watkins

LOVE this yarn!!!!!!


Right now, I'm finding myself drawn to lighter and brighter colors to reflect the spring that's just dawning around here. When I think of Lorna's Laces colors, the first that matches my current mood is Clara's Garden. I'm not usually a huge pink fan, but this colorway makes me smile!!!


To Allison & Others - I am in an old fashioned soda fountain in Savannah or one of those Southern towns that reminds you of gentility. I am so hot, I decided for a Sundae. Let's see the soda jerk had a list of things I can choose to put on this sundae and the extras are free because you see it is Sunday. Here I go, I will start with a rich creamy vanilla ice cream - just freshly churned.Then I will add the fresh cherries he has and to top this mountain of lush colors, how about some warm hot fudge to drizzle down the mounds of ice cream an cherries. To finish this special treat, I'll ask for a fresh cherry with a stem on for the top.

The soda jerk brings it to me and the hot, heavy air hits the fluted glass and water that cools your hand feels good. My key to what I would want to knit is the pattern called, Ribbelmuster. Doesn't that sound just like the picture I have in my mind looking at a wonderful,cooling treat. Just the name Ribbel tells you it has the fudge flowing into the bottom. The sock pattern has swirls that look just like the fountain Sunday Special. I fondly see the colors in just a single skein I want to do the socks in, a new Lornas Laces Shepherd Yarn with the name of- what else? --Simply Socks for a cool and great time! This is my Ribbel muster Sunday in Savannah with "Simple Socks" - Now tell me doesn't that sound great!


while my favorite color palete may be blues - on drab days i find my self reaching for rust/orange/yellows every time. those colors seem to just fly off my needles no matter what pattern i work them in, whether it be a simple 2x2 rib or something more fancy as a rib.


I love the Midway you posted. I enjoy cool, cloudy days with just hints of blue, green, and gray outside.


Pinks always make me feel good, especially in the spring when life is renewing itself. Last year Clara's Garden grabbed my attention and I knitted a beautiful spring shawl out of it. This year your specially dyed color is calling out to be a shawl.

Janine Webb

Knitting with Lorna's Laces always makes me feel happy. When the winter was gloomy, I pulled out my Clockwork pattern by Stephen West and matched it to LL's Black Purl(and a gray solid). Instant cheerfulness!

Stephanie Miller

Yellow... there are so many shades of yellow, but they always make me HAPPY!!!!!!!! Maybe I should bring some yellow into my yarn stash...Hmmm???? =)


I have loved Clara's Garden since the moment I saw it. The pale pinks and yellows speak to my feminine side and as we approach spring the colors remind me of spring flowers. I love it!


Lately I've been listening to a epic fantasy story on audiobook. With so many of these stories there is lots of travel & learning. This novel is no exception. As I was looking at the colorways "Fiddlehead" caught my eye. It has the greens of the forest, the blue of the streams, and the dirt that coats the clothes of the travelers. I knit a lot while listening to audiobooks, so I think a colorway like Fiddlehead would be perfect to knit while listening to books of this genre!

Vasiliki Starborn

I love Lorna's Laces! No matter what mood you are in, there is always a color that calls out to you...

Diane Psota

Favorite? Hard to say. What mood am I in and which way is the wind blowing. Right now, the exclusive Apricot in the semisolid is what I crave? Or is it just because apricots are a favorite fruit, and they are out of season?

Gloria Brand

Oh,they are all beautiful colors! And I totally agree, no one can go wrong with Lorna's Laces!! And yes, with all the gloominess we've had lately and cold, something cheery in bright happy colors would be lovely to work on about now!!

Cindy M. in Austin, TX

Lorna's Laces is one of my go-to yarns. I've knit many things with this wonderful yarn in all weights. I love what this company stands for and the incredible colors they develop :)

My favorite colorway is Black Purl - it looks like a beautiful mystery wrapped up in a skein. It's smokey and rich all at once, like my favorite eye shadow :) I would knit with it any day I'm in a contemplative mood.


I LOVE Lorna's Laces - so many of their colorways include purple which is my favorite (repeat favorite) color!

I love Kerfuffle too :-)


I love using Lorna's Laces. My favorite color is blue and I do tend to use it a lot. So I am trying to use other colors and find myself choosing shades of green. We haven't had too many grey days here. We've had lots and lots of sun and blue skies. Yep, my favorite color!


Clara's Garden. My grandmother, Clara, passed away almost a year ago. This soft colors of this yarn reminds me of her and brings peace to my heart.


I like the way the bright colors pop against a dark background - or bright but not neon shades in a rainbow - I have some of this saved for next winter's grey days to brighten my mood. What's odd is that I love to wear red, but have no red socks.....

Word Lily

So many gorgeous colors! Love Huron, Bittersweet, or Pilsen — great colors to brighten a grey day like today. But Midway, so luscious ...

Candice Hope

I have so much sock yarn stash but still feel the need to build it up, so my latest tactic is to buy things that I like that are not in my usual color palette. Or things I think I would love if someone else bought it for me, but something I would probably not pick for myself. It's weird, I know. But for that reason I love the Burnside colorway.


I love Lorna's Laces. They have a great color selection. :-)


The color Midway is almost exactly what the sky looks like over Midway right now.

I really love bittersweet. <3!

Kim B.

I think South Shore is very relaxing. Love the ocean. I have a skein of Roadside Gerry in my soon will become a larger shawlette. Love Lorna's Laces yarns and colorways.


Mmmmm, Lorna's! Love the Shepherd Sock, love the Greenline DK, love the Swirl, love the Shepherd Sport and Worsted, love the Fisherman, and have you TOUCHED Honor yet? OMG, alpaca and silk deliciousness.

But the SSYC colorway? Phenomenal!!! I must have some!


I don't have any Lorna's Laces (yet), but the Rainbow Multi catches my eye. It reminds me of being 5 years old and not having a care in the world!


greens and blues are the colors I choose...

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