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April 11, 2011



I think time is my biggest factor. What I'm finding out is that I make time now for the things I want to do instead of just getting a few rows in on the fly. I looooooove me some midnight garden. It's gorgeous.


While on car trips (rarely) when hubby drives and I can sit back and knit...I can "put the kill" on those projects that just need a little push to get done. I always find knitting before bed helps too ;)


I find pain to be the biggest drag on my knitting mojo. It doesn't so much interfere with my ability to knit from a physical standpoint but it interferes with my ability to concentrate & pay attention so that I make a kabillion mistakes. Love both those colorways. For some reason, I have been semi-obsessed with green yarns the past few months- I blame it on Alchemy's Juniper Summertime Blues colorway from the sock club.


My slowdowns occur by working full time and then when I sit down at night I fall asleep. To add to the fun when my "nap" is over I'm rejuvenated and then stay up too late...knitting!:)My knit time is very special to me!

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