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April 06, 2011



I just pulled out my color cards.
If you want to go with some colors that are hot in decorating now (grays and golds) Slate, Gray and either Sunlight or Golden.

The hot color for 2011 is called Honeysuckle Pink - you could sort of get that look with Cherry Red, Pink & Peach (they blend nice together -would not be loud stripes but a pretty blend)

For something a little "southwest" Silver Lining, Turquoise and Adobe

If you like old fashioned flowers like lavender or violets - maybe Blue Violet, Lavender and Silvery Sage.


I don't have my color cards handy but, from looking at the colors online I think maybe olive & fiesta lime (or chartreuse) with navy would look good.


Looking at the colors, I like Turquoise, Hottest Pink, and Silver Lining. Or if you want, you could use Blue Violet instead of Turquoise.


I like mixing pinks and browns or aquas and browns. So for something a little more subtle I'd go with Tuscany, Mocha and Chocolate. For a little more bold, I'd swap the Mocha for Forest. However since it's hockey season, I'd have to go with Natural, Black and Teal for the Sharks.

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