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March 18, 2011



Spring! Daffodils are up, robins are singing, I cleaned out one flower bed and have many more to go. I refuse to acknowledge the potential snow in the forecast. All of these made this a happy week! (And I ordered yarn that will be here next week so I know that next week will be happy too!)


A friend had a meeting downtown, so brought me her 4-month-old to watch for an hour during my lunch break. I'm sure she thought I was doing her a favor, but really I felt like she was doing me one. He's such an interesting little baby!


Seeing the pic of your little man is worth a smile...he is lucky to have such fun parents...he chose well! :)


LOVE YOUR BIKE and James is OVER THE TOP CUTE!!! That smile's the real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, How proud you must be!


I've been reading your blog since before James, and it seems like just yesterday you were announcing that you were pregnant. Every time you post a picture, I'm surprised that he's not a chubby little toddler anymore. Time sure does go by too fast.


Awesome bicycle!

Kim B.

James is just adorable. Growing up so quickly and must be a ton of fun! Kit...did I read the word kit??? Can't wait! Your kits are terrific.


I'm sorry, this is not directly related to your new (quite awesome) bike, your (too cute) little boy, or your husband's (attractive though cautious) choices of sock colors.
I have a burning question that I would like answered--will there be another Sock Summit this year? If so, When? Where?
My sock knitting friends and I want to plan to a road trip....

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