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March 23, 2011


Renee S.

View from my front door:
Well, today (Wed. 3/23/11) it is very overcast, although sun tries to peek out at
times. It is very damp from rain the last
two nights, and very chilly. There is a
big pond across the street and not too much
happening at the pond. Usually if weather is good, there are ducks floating but don't
see any. Where oh where did the nice Spring
weather disappear to?!?!? Don't see people,
just an occasional car - I live on a dead end and is usually quiet anyhow. No kids riding bikes, weather too damp. Thats how it looks from Northwest Indiana today.


Well, today its damp, cloudy and rainy! Been like this since Monday. My view out my front door is the street, backyard is alot of trees which makes it peaceful.


Today (3/23) I see SNOW. After a few nice days we are back to winter.


It snowed outside my front door all day yesterday. Today has had bouts of sun and overcast. My view is of the golf course, and, if I'm lucky, the local pronghorn antelope herd that hangs out in our neighborhood from March through October. There are also Canadian geese. So far, the lot across from mine has not been sold, so I have an unobstructed view of the fairway. I'm hoping it stays that way.

Lisa Viviano

My front door view is of our pond and cypress trees. Today I had a pond visit from two ducks (that doesn't happen very often) and watched them swim and waddle for a beautiful 20 minutes. What a way to start my day!

Andrea W

I live at a marina on the Eastern Shore. We are surrounded by water on three sides and have a sliding door off our bedrooom so we wake to the rising sun and the beautiful water. We go to sleep at night to the sound of clanking boat stays and the bouy bell. It is heaven on earth. By the way the skein of yarn for the give away looks exactly like the daffodils blooming in my garden. Just beautiful!
Andrea W

Barbara Clayburn

The view outside my front door is of our neighborhood kids playing on the street. My kids have grown and moved out but there is always a new crop in the neighbohood.


It's sunny. Kids and adults occasionally go by on bikes. It's a street with houses on it, but I can see the flagpole at the hospital.


Rain, rain. Has been this way for days. But I do see some nice hills too.
Lovely skein of yarn!

Sue H

View from my front door: damp from melted snow that briefly fell last night. We're on a bend and across the street is an unkept yard that sometimes has cows from the house to the right. There are lots of leaves and trash that no one picks up. Not the best of neighbors!


I see snow! And I just ventured outside to take incorrectly delivered mail to its intended recipient (again!) and it's crunchy snow. It's a dark old day but I'm enjoying the juncos in the patio. I'm working on a Guideposts sweater and sipping a warm beverage.


I look out on a front sidewalk lined with hostas (not up yet), a mature maple tree, a street and two houses across the street. Also, I live a block from a grade school so I sometimes see kids walking by....but....not many walk anymore. Too bad!


It is overcast and upper 70's here. There is a cold front coming tonight, so it is really windy! Kids are playing outside and I am sitting on the screened porch surfing the Internet on my laptop. I am about to close the laptop and get back to my knitting while I watch the kids play.


Today we are seeing snow once again as I look out of my patio doors. The grass was showing yesterday. Who ordered this? I have several knitting items on my needles but am just getting over surgery and have to get motivated again. I love the colours of the yarn and your sock pattern is one that I learned as a child. My Mom taught me how to knit when I was 8 years old. Many, many years ago. Yes the first thing I knit was socks. Still love doing them.


I live in an urban Burrow situated at an intersection, so my front door is actually below ground. My view from there is of the eight steps up to street level, of shadows of vehicles driving past, and of the feet of passersby. Ours is a residential neighborhood just off a busy road, so we have both trees and traffic to keep the eyes busy and to provide, on days like today, puddles for splashing through in bright galoshes. Ascend the stairs and kitty-corner is a yellow townhouse with a front yard filled with daffodils and narcissi. Across from them is an organic restaurant with valet parking. Their yard space is taken up by an herb garden, although it's still looking a little sparse. The final corner house is currently empty, but in the house next to it, they still have a Santa Snoopy peering out the window, but they've helped him make the seasonal transition by adding a jaunty Nationals cap to his outfit.


The view from my front door here in these woods looks down to the valley and spreads into a beautiful blue lake. No houses to be seen. The sun is out right now, it is 70 degrees and there are thunderstorms blowing towards us from the west. Beautiful spring day!

Dawn K-M

I live in Chicago and when I look out my front door, I see the houses across the street. When it's nice out, kids are playing and neighbors are walking their dogs. What I want to see when I look out is trees, grass, mountains and maybe a river.


I see a blooming pear tree snowing petals all over the yard. Very windy today!


Today the view included rain and HAIL, plus lightening. My driveway makes my yard look like lake front property! But the grass is just starting to turn green and the robins are marching across the yard. I'm hopeful!


I look out my front door and in the morning, I see the sunrise. I leave for work early, so no one is really out and about in the neighborhood. When I come home, and it is not raining, there are lots of children playing jumprope and stickball and walking dogs, and people walking with baby strollers. I am personally more a back door person. Our back door view is one of my flower gardens and lots of green and all sorts of animals that don't mind the people. We've had red foxes and 'possums, skunks (ewww), and all sorts of woodpeckers and other birds and even bluebirds. Deer pass behind the house as well. This is where I like to sit and knit or quilt in the late afternoon or evenings. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful yarn!


Outside my front door is my walled front garden, with a couple white Adirondack chairs. Right now the camellias have big fat buds, the beautiful purple wisteria is starting to bloom, and the rosebushes are leafy. Every day I see a pair of Anna's Hummingbirds zooming around - mama hummingbird has built a tiny nest in a stand of bamboo.

Kay Wells

Trees and snow. And more snow. We live in the snowbelt off the east end of Lake Ontario and this winter has just been endless. We have no neighbors to speak of except deer and turkeys. I drive about 25 miles south to work in Syracuse and although Syracuse gets a lot of snow, it's like a different world - it's like the tropics :-) We live on a VERY quiet road and it is about 100 yards from my front door to the road. Forest surrounds our house and it's all I can see across the road. Lots of wonderful bird song and lots of squirrels at my feeders. Hey, they need to eat too!


Out my front door and window is an elementary school. There are always parents and small children coming and going. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


My veggie garden, fruit trees, field and lots of trees behind all of that. Everything is covered in snow of course (we live in northern Vermont).


I live in a cul-de-sac and I swear every leaf from every tree ends up on my front porch. The cool factor is right now we have wind gusts up to 40 mph and the leaves blow in a swirling whirlpool motion right outside my door.


I live on a busy street so I see cars passing by with an occasional bike rider. It is a cold and cloudy day but no snow predicted til tomorrow!


The view out my front door is of a street, but thankfully there are pine trees right across the street to break up the view. As I type this now, there is hail laying on the ground - so much for Spring :-/


The view from my door is an open field with a stand of spruce trees in the middle of it. At any point in time there could be a herd of deer or a rafter of turkeys. Right now it is sunny and cold, but yesterday we got 6 inches of wet snow!

Faline Gee

I live in Northern Cal and, again, it's raining! I see spring trying to appear ... buds on the trees, and flower buds on the plants but we need a little more sun!


A few minutes ago I would have said the view from my front door is stormy and windy. But now it's sunny and bright, the sky is blue and the birds are chirping. Think I'll bring in some daffodils.


I look out and see a grey, cloudy skyscape. A few daffodils add a touch of spring to our gray weather here. We live in a small town in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.


My view is of a neighborhood that is busy in good weather and very quiet in inclement weather. Good weather brings out people of all ages on bicycles, dog walkers, and babies in strollers outside for a walk. We like the good weather days! My Golden Retrievers prefer the activity and warmer temps.

Brenda Orban

Today, it's not raining. Surprise on me! Out my front door. I have a big maple tree...without any leaves!An old fence that, looks like, it's from an Haunted House! Great for Halloween. A very bumpy and lumpy yard. That isn't green yet either. Where, Oh Where is Spring?

Kay L

The view out my front door is creamy: an Elkhound! He wants in! Other than him, I'm having sun breaks with lots of wind before the rain returns this evening(for the next 40 days).


At this moment, I am looking out at a SEVERE thunderstorm, while listening to the Weather station blow the warning and posting a tornado watch for our area until 9:00pm tonite. (3/23/11) Just two hours ago, I was sitting in the gazebo with friends and the temperature was 72. This stuff is only fit for knitting. I have found that is the best way to deal with this year's weather. (Good excuse)


across from my front door is a corn field. it's part of a small family farm, and I love it.

Lesa M

I live in farm country in Southern Illinois. We've had an absolutely beautiful day here, with clear blue sky, sun and lower 70's temperature wise. Out my front door, I look across a gravel road into a field (currently empty)that sometimes has as many as 25 deer or more, or a flock of turkeys (in the spring it's hens & their brood usually). I absolutely love the view.


I live in the country on 150 acres. Outside my door is the front lawn and a berm we planted last year. I'm waiting for our dogwood tree to bloom--another month or two away. The neighbors are across the street but many many feet away.
It's partly sunny today and the wind is blowing (but not as bad as it usually blows in the spring here). It looks pretty from my chair!


We can see the neighbors' front yards, and quite a bit of remaining snow. In New England, there'll be more tonight. One spring element: The tulips are pushing up through the earth next to the house.

Debbie H

The view from my front door is brown and white. I live in Alaska, where I still have about 6" of ice and snow in my yard, along with still brown trees. Hopefully everything will green up soon. Even the lake down the road is still frozen over. Sigh.... Debbie


I look out on my front yard which is just starting to bloom (there's a couple of daffodils) and bud. We live on a pretty quiet street so there's no traffic right now. Just calm and quiet. Oh. And the sun is shining. I'd better go out and enjoy it while I can. The rain is supposed to return tomorrow.


I live in a cul-de sac- too. I can see alot of my front garden slowly coming back to life, across the street are the neighbourhood kids playing street hockey and in the background are snow capped mountains.Pretty nice.

Barbara C

My view is of trees just starting to leaf out and swaying in the wind.


Out my front door....LOTS of blowing SNOW...Lake effect at that! brrrrrr


I look out my front door to a suburban street where spring is just beginning. Finally my crocus in the front Garden are beginning to bloom.


Today outside my door after a few nice days, there is snow. That snow looked prettier in December.


Our front door opens onto an enclosed front porch & the view out the window is pretty standard inner suburb - a house or 2, lots of condos (6 flats & larger) along a tree lined street packed with cars - some for the restaurants around the corner. But I am visiting my daughter who lives in a 3rd floor apartment. The view out her windows is a lovely courtyard with embassies across the street.


Also I am jealous of all the folks with lovely astral views!!!!!


Pastoral views!!!! Not astral views (although that might be nice too). Stupid passive aggressive phone always changing what I type. I'm with Dawn I see a city street & would prefer mountains or streams or trees.


The sun is shinig and it is almost 90 degrees here in Texas!! Kids are out on their bikes. Wish we would get some snow!!


I live at the end of a cul-de-sac that runs along the side of a cemetery. Out the front door is the cemetery; very quiet neighbors. Of course having had a huge amount of snow this winter, most of the view is a giant pile of snow from them plowing our street. At least it's only about 4 feet high now, as opposed to the eight feet it was!


Hmmm when I open my door I see a long driveway covered in slush, a yard covered in snow and a few bedraggled robins that didn't have the sense to wait a few weeks to come north. By the way; that yarn sure is beautiful (and remember since I'm on a self imposed boycott of yarn buying this year if I won the yarn it doesn't count against me). Hugs! Melissa


The snow is FINALLY melting!!! We can see the ground (in a few places)!!! Soon, we plant the garden. I'm very pleased, especially as the sun is shining in on my shoulder.


There's a small front yard with grass, then a country road, and across the road is the oak forest. I frequently see deer walking in and out of the forest. They come over to the yard to eat my hostas.


Out my front door, seeing lots of snow. We live on a quiet street and I look out at houses across the street--not much happening out there today!

Today, it has been damp and snowy. I live on a farm, so I see the barn, pig-house and milk house. I also see a calf pasture and rolling meadows with a winding creek. We live out in the country on gravel roads, and our farm is the only one on the road. It's quiet and peaceful here. Across the gravel road I see our windmill. And, of course, Bingo, my Border Collie herd dog is laying outside in the yard enjoying the cold weather and waiting for me to either put him to work or give him a big hug.

Cynthia  in NC

Beautiful yarn!!
My front door looks out at our cul-da-sac. It is usually pretty quiet during the week. On weekends in nice wether people are out doing yard work, etc. The kids are all grown up so there are no longer kids out playing.


We live in the country and have woods in our front yard. Often have deer or turkey's run by. Today was sunny but has been raining or snowing. We live on family land that was a farm at one time. Our dog love to go out and run around. we are off the main road about 600ft.

Pat Neptune

Well, my deck is clear, and the driveway is almost ready for chipping. It has been a cold, dry winter in Alaska and I am ready for the soft yellows and greens of spring. Unfortunately, we are stuck with dirty snow for a little while longer.


Just back from a sunny vacation... Our front door view is grey, and wet with little purple-and-white pops of color. Our crocuses popped out while we were gone! But the street is grey and wet, and the sky is grey and wet...we're glad to be home, but boy I miss vacation's weather!


Now THAT is some gorgeous yarn! It looks like spring in a skein!

I live in a small neighborhood full of 1950's ranch and split-levels, with enormous oak and maple trees that line my road. Directly out of my front door, there's a pink cherry tree to the right (just about to bloom) and bushes and hostas to the left. Looking to the sidewalk and road, I'm likely to see kids going by on bikes, skateboards, and scooters, folks walking their dogs, or our neighborhood joggers.

Lots of folks have been outside this week with temps in the upper 60s and low 70s, but the temperature is expected to drop back into the low 40s tomorrow, so it will probably be a little quieter!


The view from my front door right now is a courtyard with an Oak tree. This won't be my view for long, though. We have sold this house and (after a stint in temporary quarters) will move up the the Portland, Oregon area this summer. My view THERE will be Mount Hood -- out of the back side of the house. I'm really looking forward to it!


I live in the mountains so lots of hills and trees. We had a warm winter so I snuck outside to plant over 100 bulbs. Now we're enjoying a wet spring. I saw my first tulip flower pop up today.


A quiet street with occasional walkers, joggers, dogs, kids on bikes and very little vehicle traffic. On the other side, a field, a river and a mountain, in that order, although I can't actually see the river I can hear it some days. Snow is gone, leaf buds just starting and robins by the dozen. Spring is definitely here.


I see hills, trees, parts of houses, the lake, the far lakeshore, and more hills beyond that. I live in the Texas Hill Country. :o)

J.T. in missouri

It went from the 80s yesterday to 60s tonight, and is predicted to not even hit 50s tomorrow. My daughter did comment on all the flowering trees today though.


Well, in typical midwest fashion it was sunny and suddenly green this am, but dropped 30degrees this afternoon. Out my front door you see many trees in my yard, my husbands JollyRoger flying on the flagpole,a gravel road and then open flat fields as far as the eyes can see. Nearest house over a mile away. At least the grass is green to hint of spring.


I live on a small, quiet street. If you look past the houses across the street you see Mount San Jacinto and Idyllwild (from a distance) but it is a beautiful mountain.


Well, I live in your neck of the woods, so the weather has been pretty depressing after such a wonderful weekend. This morning (3/24) there is snow all over the grass. I'm so ready for spring weather. I live on a little lane out in the country, but out my front door I often see kids riding their bikes, neighbors walking and riding horses, and in the field across the way are two camels. Pretty interesting stuff actually.

Cyndy Landers

Overcast and lots of buildings. I like looking at beautiful sock yarn much more. And sundance is definitely worth looking at.


Empty street--too wet and snowy for usual joggers--overlooking a brushy ravine where the white tail deer hide. Time for snow to leave!! Jane

Jolene (JoboDesigns on Ravelry)

My front door is a country/water view. We live in Cornwall, which is about 10 minutes outside of Charlottetown, but in the country far enough that we can hear Cows lowing in the distance on a quiet night. Our subdivision is along the North River, a quite calm spot with lots of birds and fresh smells. Someday when the lots closer to the water sell we won't be able to see it all... but for now :) I'll enjoy it while it lasts!


I am going to tell you about the view out the front door of my lake cottage. It's a wonderous thing, especially at sunset when you see the beautiful sky colors laying against the water. It's my all time go to favorite picture in my head.....


Usually, outside my front door I see the neighborhood kids playing in the street. But yesterday, I saw golf ball sized hail, wind and rain. Today, I see snow. I think I'm going to stop looking outside my front door for awhile.

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

My front door view is the house across the street, but the back door is woods. I love the privacy and the wildlife until the deer started eating all of my flowers!

Super pretty yarn - so cheerful.


I live in a wonderful family neighborhood. So outside my front door is see my friendly neighbor's homes. In addition there is a light rain coming down.


Out my front door, I see . . . my neighbor's front door. ;) But if you look to the right, you see trees in bud that are getting drenched and wind-blown. There was even thunder and lightning last night, and more reports of funnel clouds. (This is not a funnel cloud region.) Today, there is lots of wind and rain and flood warnings in effect.


Well it is actually sunny today (a rare event on the West Coast this winter) and boy does that feel good. View from my front door, about two dozen sheep with their young lambs - so adorable. Finally the daffodils are out too. Life is good.

Jean Younger

Snow, but the trees look gorgeous! they have a layer of snow and ice on them so they look like they were frosted. As much as I hate having to drive in this weather, I love the way the trees look and how much lighter it is when snow is on the ground. I am in a residential neighborhood across from a school so we normally have kids walking to school, but it is our spring break so even the sidewalks are just plain snow covered now.

                                                                                                                                Kate Day

Today, 3/24, it's sunny in NW Ohio, Sylvania, to be exact but it's cool & windy. The sun is just here for a tease: later it's supposed to rain, sleet or snow. The cul de sac I see out my front door still has branches downed by the last wind & ice storm neatly stacked awaiting pick up. Spring will be here soon.


The view of out my front door is a cul-de-sac. Luckily, there are lots of trees and plants in my neighborhood. Last couple days have been gorgeous, but now we're back to the cold and wet.


I am at my friend's beach house in SoCal, so I see surfers! It's a bit cloudy - and we the tide is on the low side, so big red rocks are exposed. The waves are greeny-brown from the previous storm, and the white caps are, well white. When the sun peeks out from the clouds the ocean glows in shades of steely blue/green. Pelicans swoop and if I'm lucky - I'll see dolphins swim by. Yep. I'm lucky!


My front view is a gray mist hanging over the mountain. In the foreground is a blossoming cherry tree. ... And it's pouring down rain. There's even a lone crow sitting in one of the nearby trees.

Vicki (dragonfly7673)

Outside my front door is a slight built up hill of grass with pine trees on the top that block most of the view of the houses on the other side. This makes it a fairly peaceful view. Above my front door, on the second floor, is my knitting corner, a little quiet area of my bedroom dedicated to yarn. Also off my bedroom, again with the same view is a balcony that I love to sit on when it's nice out. These are the reasons I bought this place. The sense of peace whenever I looked out at that quiet view even though I live in a suburb.

Andee in AZ

All I can see from my front door is the houses up and down the street..nothing too exciting!


From my front door, I see a large, gray concrete planter overflowing with yellow and purple pansies and peach and white tulips.
They are refreshed and sparkling from yesterdays chilly spring rain. I also had a spectacular show of the Super Moon last week. My sidewalk is ready and awaits the postman bringing sock yarn when I order it.


Today, Thursday 3/24, is overcast in my neck of the woods, but that's okay. I have a sick kid at home, we are watching a movie and outside our front door, we see our front yard lined with trees in spring bloom. It's a good, comfortable view and one I love to see every day in every season.

Sharon Hansen

Sunny, breezy, residential streets if you look right the Sandia mountains, past a lot of neighborhood retention walls and here in Albuquerque not a cloud in the sky and 57 degrees Fahrenheit with a background of a medium blue sky.


Today it is cold but a wee bit of sun has returned. The birds are flocking to the feeder and my husband has been outside 3 times shooing away the squirrels from the feeder. Little beggers. I see a few tulip bulbs are up about 3 inches in the flower bed which gives me hope that spring will eventually stay. No snow but brownish Indiana grass.


The view from my front door shows the house across the street, and the sidewalk that's in constant use by the kids running back and forth from the school to the playing fields at the town park. :)

It also currently shows the 3-or-so feet of gray, ugly, crusty old snow still piled up in our front lawn. Blech! Hurry up, Spring!


this morning at the bus stop we had snow and a grey cast everywhere- but now the snow is gone and the sun is shining, my preschoolers are chasing our dogs around the yard and enjoying the crisp air.


It is an amazing day here. A bit chilly but otherwise sunny and clear. The trees and annuals are starting to bloom. Kids are running around playing. It is a beautiful spring day.

Maureen L

If I look straight out the door I see a small hill, covered at this time of the year with grey/brown dead grass. By not looking to either side or up on top of the hill I can pretend that I have no neighbors.


One way I see brick townhouses built 150 years ago. The other way I see the building in which a local college began 170+ years ago. If you look carefully you can see the first nubs of their daffodils. The sky is a lovely spring blue with a few wispy white clouds. Our three local school buses are dropping kids off in a few minutes so there are a few parents walking to the corner. Oddly, there are open parking spaces on our narrow street. Val who lives directly across the street just got home and got to park in front of her house instead of around the corner. The world smells of early spring.

Beverly Shearon

I can see children playing in their yard in the house to the left; at the house to the right of me, the teenage son is pampering his red truck. There are blooming dogwoods and some pretty bush that I don't know the name. temps are around 80 :-)

Stephanie Miller

Unshoveled driveway.
Sloshy street.
Bright sun!
Day off =)


I look out on a partly frozen lake, beyond the brown and soggy lawn, the road, and a few bushes and trees. Yesterday, it was very drab and rainy but the sun has come out today and it looks much more promising. Maybe spring will come soon and there will be boats out on the the lake:-)

Carolyn frank

I see gloomy gray skies and then I look down and see my beautiful patch of dafffiodals sprouting from my brown lawn, there are tinged of green in my landscape, not much. This yarn would brighten my day!!!


From my front door on our quiet street I see houses and hills and trees. And for too many days lately, gray skies and rain. Having a wet winter here in SF and I'm getting really tired of it, though it is good not to have to worry about drought this year.


View from front door....damp misty weather and wet pavement...dedicated dog walkers and my wind chime dancing :)

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