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March 23, 2011



Oh, I feel for you. Oldest dd goes to school in NE Indiana, and I had the same thought when we visited the first time in Feb. Flat, brown, and a biting wind. Great school, but not so much on the landscape.

We live on the high side of a hill, and tonight, I see a gorgeous pinky-red sun sinking over the trees. I'm refusing to notice the mud and dead leaves.

blogless grace

Iowa City today has wonderful sun with the occasional dog walker or parent walking with kids out the front door. That's what happens in a neighborhood off the beaten path.


Every morning I see parked cars and people walking when I look out of my front door. Today, they were covered in a light dusting of snow!


My front door is around the back of the house, and leads up to my MIL apartment above the garage/storage. So I see part of the landlord's deck, and my car, and the deck above that, but also a giant wall of VERY tall bushes and some grass which is bordered by the gravel drive. It's really not a bad view, with lots of wood, and green, and earthy goodness.


My neighborhood has narrow streets with lots of cars parked there, making it ever more narrow. There are some kids who sometimes play in the streets, a sidewalk on one side (mostly ignored for walking in the street since it goes up and down for the driveways), and a few bikes.

Typical starter-home neighborhood created outside Washington DC in the 50s, with some houses having been upgraded from the base Cape Cod since then!

Thanks for the contest!


The "front door" of my apartment leads out to stairs and the apartment corridor... But from my balcony, I can see... Another apartment building, the driveway, the sidewalk, and some half-dead grass. Very cold half-dead grass. Just as I was about to break out my sandals, too.

deidre corbet

View from the front door is not so lovely. The town power plant and the railroad track that leads to the grain elevator. There are some trees,but not enough. Thank goodness the back is more peaceful.

Lise Legris

I live in a subarban city and the sky is gray. It snowed yesterday and a bit last night because when we got up this morning there was a dusting like powdered sugar. And it is cold. But 37 years ago as of yesterday I gave birth to my first baby. We could not see 10 feet in front of us because of snow. 5 days later I walked out wearing just my shoes and a light spring coat ( yes in those days they kept in the hospital for 5-7 days) HOPE is in the air


I can see a surprising number of trees (for the desert), and and the slightly poorly maintained side of my neighbor's house. It is a nice view.


I live in a village that grew up around the Erie canal. The houses are all unique and range between 140 to 70 years old. The nice thing is that, even though there isn't any one outside right now, I know each and every person and family who lives behind all those doors. That's a good warm feeling despite the snow on the ground at the moment. (PS: Hope next week goes better for you....)

Karen Wittshirk

I don't actually have a front door. I live in a 200 year old farm house and several owners ago the front door was taken out to make room for a bathroom. Our main door enters our kitchen on the side of the house. When I look out it today I can see the "green tunnel" my husband planted a few year ago. The tunnel is a double row of river birch on either side of the path that goes up to the vegetable garden. The trees have already grown a lot and are especially beautiful in winter because the bark peels and makes a variety of patterns. There are still patches of snow but there are also drifts of snowdrops and winter aconites-some of them are actually coming up through the snow.


Hmm, view out front door. I live at the end of a shared driveway, kind of in an alley. So the view is down right ugly - asphalt, back of a cinderblock building and neighbors cars all parked. The little urban oasis of a backyard is what I love. Right now, spring is just starting to say hello. Soon we will have bulbs, flowers, and lots of green.

susan foulds

Outside my front door is a 6 foot high pile of snow. We have had a whole week of -25 degree weather--not too spring like. Also, terrible strong winds. Very depressing.

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