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March 14, 2011



Lace Ribbon Scarf is a great free pattern for sock yarn.
I've also knit some small shoulder shawls but those patterns weren't free.


I just made 28's Cousin 53 with Tanis yarn and was very happy the results.

Also have made a few pairs of fingerless mitts that would be good for spring:


I love the Baktus scarf and all it's variations. It is great travel or TV knitting.

Kathleen B.

I just started Annis by Susanna Ic. It seems to be a popular project on Ravelry.


I agree. 28's cousin 53 is a great free pattern, doesn't require blocking, and looks great in cashmere blends like Tanis or Smooshy with Cashmere.


I love Saroyan, a free scarf pattern . It's fun to knit, never boring, and looks great.


I have made several Traveling Woman shawls (by the same author as Saroyan). I also enjoyed the Multnomah shawl.


I am currently working on Multnomah, a shawlette that can be knit from 100 gm of most sock yarns - it's not really lace but it shows off semi-solids very nicely. There are a lot of lovely shawlettes on Ravelry that can be done with one or 2 skeins of sock yarn. There are a ton of such patterns on Ravelry. Here is a link to the currently most popukar ones(many are free):

I am thinking I might so 28's Cousin 53 or Holden next.


I knit Elizabeth Zimmermann's February Baby Sweater and Leggings from sock yarn - they fit a newborn. Also, if knitting a lace shawl, use a sock yarn without nylon or the blocking won't hold very well. Ask me how I know!


I love the Ishbel, will be on my needles shortly.


Evelyn Clark has some great patterns, I don't have a link but I have made all of her free shawl patterns with sock yarn and a few of the bought ones as well..


Lisa P.

Ditto on Evelyn Clark. I just completed my first shawl ever (and I LOVE it!) using Evelyn Clark's manzanita shawl.


There is a Ravelry group called Sock Yarn Lovers Who Don't Make Socks. Lots of good ideas over there:


I love patchwork and using up scraps of yarn.
I use a basic stockinett pattern and knit each unit in a different yarn: cuff, leg, heel flap, heel instep, foot and toe. This takes seven kinds of yarn. The second sock never uses the same yarn for the same unit. Its hard to put down and so much fun. The result is greater than the small skeins of yarn, the random color relationships are incredible and the socks are a good remembrance sock for all the others youve knitted. Try it.

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