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March 28, 2011



The Florentine Lace Sock pattern by Lorna's Laces is in my stash to looks pretty for a summer sock with lots of eyelets.


I've been knitting spring/summer birthday socks using Fortissima Socka, Degradee w/ Bamboo. It seems to fit the bill for a warm-but-not-too-warm yarn.

Jean Marie

For warmer weather socks, I like Tofutsies, Regia's bamboo blend sock yarn (bamboo & wool), and Crystal Palace's Panda Cotton. I usually knit shorter socks for warm weather - just anklets (like the pair in Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks Warm Feet book) - makes for a sooner-finished-pair!

I've also used Sockotta Cotton (a little heavier fingering weight, not as soft), and Regia Cotton/Wool sock yarn - there are several other sock yarns that are wool cotton blends (Fortissima & Online come to mind, and I think Trekking and Opal also have cotton blends), and Cascade Fixation (cotton/elastic, closer to a sport weight, and does tend to shrink - just plan ahead to make socks slightly longer). Oh, and Paton's Kroy & Knitpicks both have (had?) a fingering/sock weight cotton/elastic blend.


I agree whole heartily. I wear socks in the summer and to bed. My feet get cold and are really ugly. I've tried sockotta . I liked it but the hubs found it scratchy, my son found it to be just fine. I find it not to hot in summer but I wear wool socks during the summer too. Anyway I will be watching to see what other people come up with.


Crystal Palace Panda cotton in the free Bamboo Walking Socks pattern is a nice one to use. It is easy but the one pattern round adds enough texture for the sock to look interesting.

The pattern row snugs the sock up a bit so you may need to cast on a few more stitches.


Another vote for Fortissima Socka or any wool/bamboo or cotton/bamboo blend.


A lovely pattern is Knitty's Spring Forward


I live in Florida and wear socks in the summer with my sneakers. I have a pair in Maizy (corn) that is really nice, but mostly I just make shorter cuffs, usually abt 2" before I go into the heel. I've tried a bamboo blend but didn't like the socks. I've also tried Fixation but they shrunk a LOT for me; what were once my socks now are getting snug on my 9 y/o dd. I've heard Panda Cotton is good, but never tried it myself.

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