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February 28, 2011



YAY! I got the rainbow stripes---been checking everyday for your post, and I got my order already in. The rainbow colors are so pretty and cheerful looking---they make me smile just looking at them! Today was my Mom's birthday (she's been gone over 10 years now) and I will consider this yarn a gift from her! She always made my birthday so special~

Cyndy Landers

Well you know Allison you wouldn't be so busy if you would just quit putting up such damn great yarn that we all have to have. Now just stop it!!!! I was afraid to wait til tomorrow to see what the Dream in Color club was to order the rainbow stripes. Just had to have those!!!! :-)


Paulette, that's such a nice thing to read about your thoughts of your mother today. I'm so glad you shared.

Cyndy, when you're right, you're right! I'm just having such a good time buying yarn and it's coming back to bite me in the butt! I guess that's a good thing though? And the Dream Club just arrived here and the color is wonderful- just MY type of color.

Kim B.

Got the yarn! Yippeeee!!!!! I think mine will be a shawlette...a nice, fun bright one. Thanks for selling such terrific products.


I am sooooo sad....missed the yarn...already sold out :( Darn those kids I teach knitting to after school....would have been on the computer getting it if not for them ~ ha! Will keep looking for more in the spring!

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