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February 17, 2011



What is the lovely striped yarn in the top photo -- the large group of socks? I need some. Thanks.


What are you teasing us with now?!? Name the stripes!


{insert evil laugh here}
I knew that would get your attention! It certainly got mine when one of my reps showed it to me yesterday! I'm casting on as soon as it arrives.


Love the new mystery stripes. My son,now 18 yo, wouldn't eat meat at James' age. His sisters now complain that there is no type of food that is safe around him!


I think I have my favorite mystery stripes colors narrowed down to 4 - no maybe 5 - will be hard to choose. Allison - can you at least let us know which of these colors you will be casting on - to further tease us :-)

Cathy G

Agreeing with your opinion of Starbucks Via--it's a pretty decent instant!


please name the stripes I love them


Love those stripes! Not eating meat is really pretty common with kids. I don't think I've ever known a kid who didn't resist eating meat at some point. If you're lucky, it's not when they are a teenager who decides to become vegetarian even though she never eats vegetables.


Thanks for the Via suggestion. I had some samples and I made one before work! Pretty terrific for an instant!!

Cyndy Landers

Tell us tell us tell us!!!!!!!! It's gorgeous. Gotta have some!


Those stripe are awesome, but I'm really looking forward go the St Patty's Day stripes. When are we going to find that pot of gold?


Mwahahaha! I'll tell you early this coming week when the new striped yarn arrives.

The STC St. Patty's Day striped yarn will likely be held up a bit... because I keep upping the number of skeins I'm asking of Caitlin since they seem to sell instantaneously. So I'm hoping to have that color up for you in the first week of March.


Aaarrrrgggg!!! Sock yarn torture!

Gina Guillotine

Fortunately, children are perfectly healthy not eating meat. :) My own kids are vegan, and so am I.

Just go with it. Let him be a vegetarian if he wants. Really, as long as you don't let him live on potato chips and french fries, he'll get all the nutrients he needs. It's hard to screw up vegetarian nutrition.

Good luck, and have fun! Congratulations! :)

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