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February 03, 2011



I think you need to knit the Lilac Lily. With all the snow you have been need bright colors!


I like the both of the Cherry Tree Hill colorways, but Brenda has a good point!

Patricia Richardson

I vote for Pebble Beach, maybe a simple shawlette.

Barbara C

I would do the Cherry Hill Lilac Lily. I started with knitting all my socks in striped yarns and found them much more interesting to knit than the semi solids I'm now doing with patterns.


I throw my knitting needles at CTH Pebble Beach for a pair of plain vanilla socks.


Lilac lily, at least if you live somewhere it's gray, as I do. The brighter the better, so you can find your feet if you walk outside without shoes on. ;-)


I just finished knitting these socks:

They were just enough of a challenge to keep it interesting. It's a great pattern for stripes or varigated.


With the winter we've all had - I'd go with the CTH Lilac Lilly - something bright and not wintery looking that will go into spring. That color has a lot of cheerful life to it - makes you smile to see the colors!!


I have to vote for Lilac Lilly as well. It would definitely brighten up things with all the snow and cold weather we've been getting here in northern Indiana.


I think the CTH yarn would make great fingerless mitts (quick, easy, instant gratification!)
But a basic sock is always a great project to have for mindless knitting while waiting or when you're too tired to think about working a complex pattern.
(if you go for the mitts, you could always work up a simple headband to match)


Huge Trekking fan here and although the colors aren't as bright I like the way they gradually transition. Trekking always keeps me knitting because I want to see what's going to happen next.


How about Fleece Artist in the Snow Crocus colors? With all this snow its good to see a reminder of spring colors.

I just finished a baby hat in that color and found it hard to put down.


I vote in favor of the Lilac Lily & maybe in a pattern like Sock Bug's Lacy Scallops.


Lilac Lily gets my vote.


Lilac Lily....something to bring spring early...and socks, or a shawlette, or a lacy type scarf, or, no wait....did I mention socks? :)


I cast my vote with Anne for FA Snow Crocus. This was the only color mentioned that inspired me to cast on. Since I have a hank of Snow Crocus in the stash, that just might be happening for me this weekend.


I loved all the colorways but me myself have been into solid colors or neutral colors and bit of texture. My choice would be pebble beach done in a knotted stitch. It's super easy and mindless after the first 2 repeats(only 2 row repeat anyway). I just designed some fingerless mitts with this stitch in a solid color and I love them. I will be more than happy to share the stitch pattern if you don't know it.

blogless grace

Cherry Tree in bright, bright, bright! Anything that shows up in the snow!

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