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February 22, 2011



I think you just pick up the yarn from the waste yarn and start knitting dow.

The yarn harlot has a good tutorial, but she doesn't use waste yarn:

there is also a picture tutorial here:

The heel is easy once you've got the right stitches picked up! Good luck


If you used waste yarn (also my favorite method - I'm scared to clip like the Harlot does!), this series of videos will walk you though it:

Have fun!


No provisional CO required with waste yarn of a contrasting color.

Knit to the point where you want your heel. Then knit the heel stitches with the waste yarn. Slip all those stitches (the ones on the waste yarn) back to your left needle. Knit them again, this time with your real sock yarn, and continue to knit around to finish the sock.

When the sock is done, have a couple of needles ready (I like to use a size or two smaller than the ones I used for the sock, if they're handy). CAREFULLY remove the waste yarn, one stitch at a time, and "catch" the stitches that you revealed on the two spare needles: one for the top, and one for the bottom. Then, knit the heel on those stitches (plus maybe an extra couple that you pick up in the corners, so you don't get holes that you need to close later). Heels are basically like toes.

Good luck!


Please contact me on Ravelry and let's see what we can work out. There should be a yarn shop near you as well, my Rav ID is Tinki

Hope to hear from you soon.

PS I live in Marysville, but know where most stores are at.


If you are a 30 min east of Seattle, Cultured Purls in Issaquah. Great Store.

PS. Not to take anything away from Allison...


No worries! I shop at my two local yarn stores too and hope they would support me too. One store can't carry everything, afterall.

Vicki (dragonfly7673)

This post from the KnitMoreGirls' Jasmin has pictures showing how to pick up after using waste yarn as others have described.


I'm in Redmond and Serial Knitters is great and relatively new. And very knowledgeable. They are on Rose Hill in Kirkland.


Ana (think that was her name - could be mutilating it)) was at Hilltop East in Bellevue and is now at Serial Knitter on 85th in Kirkland. The store is on the main drag that has the car dealership!

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