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February 24, 2011



I love muffins and have to say although I don't try to 'healthy' them much I do try to pick ones that use less sugar or are easier to swap white flour for whole wheat.
My favorite healthy comfort muffin is this one -

It is a bran muffin that doesn't start with buying a box of bran cereal. And it is infinitely customizable


These sound really yummy. I'll have to give your recipe a shot.


No healthy muffin recipes, but boy do I covet your kitchen! And James looks quite competent and efficient!


Thanks for the recipe. I'm going to try it out once things get cold again.


I've never met kid who doesn't love to bake & James sure looks like he's enjoying himself. When my girls were little, we used to make banana muffins (I just substituted whole wheat flour for white & they came out fine) with the mini chocolate chips - why is it they taste better in muffins than the big ones? If we had nuts around the house, we'd chop them up & put them in & often pumpkin seeds. Healthy & yummy. I even made sweet rolls once with whole wheat flour - cinnamon raisin rolls with icing. Not as healthy but I figured the whole wheat flour & raisins made them a bit healthier than the bakery kind.


James is SO cute and the muffins look yummy!

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