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January 25, 2011



I was in a funk for a while and came to realize that it was because I had set limits on myself that I couldn't start any new projects until I finished what I had on the needles. I didn't feel like doing what was on the needles. So I was at an impass. Realized that I wanted to knit something different and found a pattern/yarn and have finished that and several other on the needle projects, just had to get past the funk. It will pass, something will grab you..


Dear Languishing,

Cast on something new!

Cynthia Parker

I was wondering what to do with two bags of left over sock yarn when my daughter started knitting wool hats for homeless women. Maybe this might be an idea. Accomplishing using up leftover yarn and doing something for the homeless.


Browse Allison's website,buy something totally delicious and then start something new. You could donate unfinished projects to thrift shops.


I never force myself where something creative is involved - if I do - it becomes a "job or chore" and takes all the enjoyment out of it. Try to find something else to work on. I usually have a "creative quick fix" lurking close by (knitting, sewing, photography, painting, baking etc.) that I can dash out in one afternoon. Maybe just take a no- pressure on yourself break and do something nice for yourself, read, or whatever else you may feel interested in doing. The knitting creative juices will come back again and you will have joy in what you are doing. (PS - chocolate doesn't hurt meanwhile either - if you like chocolate :-)


Only work with yarn you REALLY love...maybe need to buy something fabulous or shop your "stash" for that special yarn you've been saving.


I have found that I just occasionally get into such slumps. I have found that the best way to get out of one is to just forget about knitting for a week or 2. I try to catch up on my reading of light mysterie (including the knitting related ones). After a bit, I find myself thinking, well I really do need some more socks (who doesn't? can one ever have enough hand knit socks?) Then I look through my far too big stash of sock yarn or Allison mentions some yarn that is just bout irresistible on her blog & I start some socks. I also find tht a simple, no-fail pattern works best when I've been in a slump. Sometimes I knit sometihing other than socks (I currently have my eye on Lucy Neatby's Opera Bag in sock yarn which will make a tiny bag just the right size for my 4 year old granddaughter who is going through a "fancy" phase.) But the main thing is to not puch it - I think that sometimes we just need a break to recharge our knitting batteries.

Tina Smith

Don't do anything. Just let the 'don't want to knit' thing pass. It will. Perhaps you just had a major knitting project. Casting on lots of stuff won't help it come back. Distance makes the heart grow fonder... blah blah know the rest.


Spend some time on Ravelry. It's fun to see what people are doing and you might find something to inspire you.


Play Bejeweled or Angry Birds. Watch soap operas. The Mojo will return. In the meantime, have some other fun.


Try knitting a small easily completed project like a cowl or a hat in a fun color.

Gina Guillotine

Find something else to do. Don't worry about knitting for the time being.

Take up a new hobby. Knitting will be there when you're ready.

I'm currently on sabbatical from beads, and have been for about 4 years. I whip them out once in awhile if someone needs a quick gift, or something, but other than that, I'm largely uninspired by beads, whether it's stringing, weaving, or something else. But I still have the stash, still have the magazines, the pictures of my FOs, and know that someday, the urge will hit again, and I'll start beading nonstop.

Just hang in there, and don't worry about your knitting mojo. iT never really goes away, it just kind of takes a nap. :)

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