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January 20, 2011



I have the opposite problem - skinny feet. But I have to say that my frequent solution might work for you as well. I knit mostly socks that have a pattern - especially ribbing that continues down over the top of the foot. It means that the socks fit a wider range of foot circumferences better & I think that the lines going down the length of the foot make the foot look narrower also.


I agree that ribbing is both slimming and fits a wider range of sizes better. And if you want a change from just plain ribbing, Charlene Schurch's two Sensational Knitted Socks books have many patterns that are based on a narrow ribbing (and she gives lots of sizing options as well).


Check out the 3X1 ribbing sock in the book "No Sheep for You" It looks fabulous and the knitting goes FAST with a 3X1. Good luck!


One of my favorite patterns is the Mistake Rib sock ( It is easy peasy & yet looks complex & difficult. Also even tho it may be less elastic than 1x1 rib, it is still quite elastic- fits my narrow foot really well but the stretchiness would make it fit a much wider foot well.

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