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January 18, 2011


Dawn K-M

I really love the kits and while I have missed out on one or two, I enjoyed the ones that I was able to get my hands on. The only thing that I don't like, is that I might love one of the kit yarns for a project that is not socks. However, I can't get more of the yarn without buying more kits, which usually makes the project cost too high. I really wanted a second skein of this Valentine's yarn, but I just could not make myself by another kit :(


I really like the exclusivity of your kits. I have yet to order one ..... the fact that they sell out quickly has been a mixed blessing. I usually love the contents, but can't quite justify it. I promise myself that if there are any left after ??? I'll get one, and there never are! One of these days I'll be totally unable to resist — this one was close. Anyway, I think it's neat that they are so special, and many more available would ruin that.


I'm not a kit person. Don't know why - they are lovely and a good value. I think it's because I would rather spend money on yarn only and choose bags and patterns when I feel the urge or have a need. I will say that the kits are hard to resist because the yarn is always so perfect and so is that one in today's picture!


I love the kits you have put together and have been fortunate in the past to snag a couple. I also like that you are able to offer a few more at a later date so if I miss out the first time I may have a second chance. I don't think I'd add more. What you have makes them special.
I imagine it is time consuming to put together a kit so at least 4 themed kits a year is great! If you have the time or inspiration for more, it would be nice.
I love the colors in the sock pictured above. I do hope I'm able to get some of that yarn! (fingers crossed)


I like the kits, but it's the yarn I love more than anything that's included with them. If you scratched the kits and just had special holiday offerings, I'd be happy with that, too. And if that sock up there is a non-kit Valetine's offering, I'm going to jump on it. Love it.


I like the kits. I have a thing for anything exclusive!

Janet Miller

I think the exclusivity is what makes the kits so special. And I love the originality of having items hand-made by talented artisans rather than mass-produced. I actually like the way the Valentines kit was presented early. It gave people a heads-up as to what was coming and when it would be available so they could plan accordingly. I wouldn't change a thing, but if more kits were made available I would buy even more.


I like the idea of the kits. I was able to get the Valentines kit and also the Christmas one. I hope you will continue them and the variety of what's included! Loved, loved, loved the bag from the Christmas kit!

Jean Folkerth

I got one of the kits in the fall and loved it. I split it up and gave parts of it for gifts. I love the yarn of the above sock and can't wait to see when it will be offered!


I love the yarn in the kits, but when I don't like/am kind of "meh" about the extras, I can't quite justify it (the Sundance sock kit was the exception--I loved everything about it, and have been kicking myself for not getting it ever since). I think that's why I'm loving the current sock/yarn's just more of the yummy goodness of yarn!

I can't wait to see what this next offering is--I'm loving those colors!


I think you offer wonderful kits and it is obvious you put a lot of time and thought into them. The other items that go into the kits are always kit worthy. If we can't afford it - we close out eyes and hope it sells quickly...if we can afford it we are LUCKY! Love the DIC sock of the month too...that would be fun with other companies as well!


I love the kits as they's tough for me to get an order in when it goes up after I've gone to work and they're sold out before I'm home & can "legally" place an order.


Keep doing the kits the way you've been doing them. I think it makes them more special being in limited supply, and gives an extra warm-fuzzy-feeling to those lucky enough to snag one!


I like the idea of special kits. Just more of them. I keep missing out. I like to yarn you used in this message. What kind is it,and when can I buy it?


I like the kits and the fact that you show us what they are and give us a heads up allows me to plan if I want one. I find diligence pays off and they are easy enough to get since you know when they are going up.
On another note, that striped yarn is gorgeous. Will probably be stalking that one!

Janet Miller

I'd like to add to my above comments. The current club is my fav because it is focused on the pure yumminess of the yarn with extra yardage. I don't know of any other clubs like it. And I really like getting the otherwise unavailable larger skeins.


I like the idea of special kits. This time I missed it because I wasn't able to check email all day. Your kits are always a special treat, don't change a thing, unless you are able to add more to kit numbers.

I also love the idea that you may have a few more available within a few days. That really is customer service. (I am still hopeful that I'll snag a Valentine Kit) :)

Will def stalk the next kit for Valentine's Day!


Like some others, when I buy a kit, it is almost always for the yarn. I loved this one so much that I almost bought 2 but restrained myself so someone else could get one. The little add ons are not bad but not why I buy the kit. Love the sock shown above as much as the kit! I think it's fine the way you do it now & there's no need to change it. You could offer more kits each year but that sounds like it might be an awful lot of work for you.


I loved the valetine kit- and rushed home from work and daycare to find it sold out!!! it's not often I find a kit where I want every last bit of it- and during my birthday month (valentine baby)! but alas, I can only hope more will come around, and cross my fingers that the next super special kit will be available for all us working folks to get our hands on!


I love everything about your store! The kits are so special and I really love the Yarn of the Month offers as well. I have also purchased yarn that you have in the store without any special offers. You have great taste in yarn. I would probably buy anything that you feature.


I really like the kits too and if there was a way to have more of each kit, that would be great, but I understand why the number is limited. Maybe offer a couple more a year if it's possible for you. And I too Really Really like the yarn in the post!!!! Thanks for all you do for us!


Although I really like the kits, I would probably only purchase one a year. I am more likely to purchase the yarn of the month type specials. I also really like the yarn in the post.


I love the heads up you give for a kit. It allows me to decide if I have enough in my budget for it, and decide if it's something that I really want. I might wish you offer them more often but 4 times a year is good. It might be nice to see something offered more often but the exclusivity of the ones you do offer is very attractive. I also really like the yarn in the post.


I love the yarn in the is absolutely delicious. Haven't done the sock club yet, but it is soooo calling to me! I think 4 kits a year sounds like a good balance, different seasons / holidays / colorways. Everything you have is wonderful! Actually, I want everything in your store :)

Cyndi Swank

I would love to see more than 4 themed kits during the year. I've never been able to get a kit, and not getting this Valentine's kit was a particularly big disappointment.
I was thinking maybe you could have a series of monthly kits based on the color of the birth stone for that month, that maybe aren't as big as the holiday themes are? Maybe the pattern and and yarn, and possibly one other thing such as a set of sock dryers the color of the kit? I thought it might be a little easier to get a kit if there were kits more often. It is clearly obvious how hard you work on each of these kits, each one has been truly wonderful, and a delight to see. Maybe monthly ones would be too much work. That would be understandable.
I mostly wanted to say I love your website and blog, I spend too much time looking at all the lovely yarns and things. Everything I've ordered has been wonderful, too. Thank you so much!


I really like the current method for offering kits. Four a year, maybe up to six, seem plenty for an extra special offering. I do like that you highlight all items included before the kit is offered so that you know exactly what you will be getting. This way, each kit can be a special treat either for me, or as a gift to a friend.

There are always special yarns in many colors available on a regular basis (as regular inventory--not kits) that allow me to purchase multiple skeins when I want. And, you do offer your sock club for times when I might be looking for a pre-selected, surprise color offering.

So, I think that you have provided opportunities to keep me inspired with my knitting and to satisfy nearly every type of customer--with the exception of quantities! (But I do accept that limitation….) Thank you for all of these options!


I really like the yarn in the photo with this post!

I like your kits and the fact that you give the details about what is in the kit. Unfortunately, I've missed most of them!


I have only picked up 2 kits. I haven't knit them yet. And currently can not remember what yarn was in one of the kits. I have added a few other items to the kit bag and now have no idea what was in it originally. I like to see whhat is being offered but having the option to buy is much better than the sock club programs for me - I have lots of yarn from a few of those that also hasn't been knit up yet.


I just want to know...what is the grey, pink and black yarn in the picture above? Must have it!!

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