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January 24, 2011



I just answered this question for a friend on Rav.
this one has a link to the youtube vid - and some other links with annotations

And there's a book by Mary Thomas - Mary Thomas's Knitting Book, that details how to rip out the heel flap and turn, to replace that entire section.

Hope this helps- Disclaimer - Reference Librarian, used to finding answers for life's questions


Jeanne, that Knitty link is exactly what I need! What a great resource.


You are too young Allison to know how to darn. My mother taught me this skill at a very young age and then I had to darn my dad's socks, as well as those of my two younger brothers. It is basically just like weaving - go around the hole with your yarn and then create a warp and a weft. Then it is just a matter of under and over to fill in the hole. My daughters and daughters-in-law look at me like I am barking mad if I suggest such things as darning socks!!!!!!!! Obviously I wouldn't mend bought socks but some of those luscious yarns deserve to be darned.


I thought you carried them to the trash and dropped them in and said "oh Darn" :)

Patty McD

There's a little book called "Flawless Knit Repair" by Rena Crockett if you like something nearby to look at as you go. It has some great diagrams!


I took a sock darning class at Sock Summit! I've already darned a couple of pairs of my son's store-purchased athletic socks.

I'm going to check out the knitty link for more tips.

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