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January 03, 2011


Lisa Viviano

My resolution is to knit more and less guilt.

Janet Miller

I commit to finishing up some half-done projects from last year and knitting more from the stash. It's spilling out the doors right now! Allison, I love your Obsession scarf. I was wondering what size needle you used and if it took 1 or 2 hanks of that glorious yarn? I downloaded the pattern and would like to begin one immediately!


I also would like to know what size needles you used on the scarf. I have the yarn and pattern and was going to start on a number 5. My mom just downloaded the pattern to do in the car during her trip to Florida.


For my scarf, I cast on the number of stitches indicated in the pattern and then knit on a US 7 needle. I wanted a scarf that was kind of open and lacey. I used one skein of Oilve and I would like the scarf to be a bit longer than it is. But I haven't blocked it yet and when I do block it, I anticipate the dropped-stitch pattern to stretch out quite a bit and it will turn out to be much longer than it is pre-soaking/blocking.

Janet Miller

Thanks for the info. I plan to cast on soon.


One other question: How many stitches did you cast on? I know the pattern calls for 26, but that's worsted weight.Thanks!


Sorry, Allison. I didn't realize you mentioned the number of stitches. Now I just have to find the time to start my project!


Allise, I originally increased the pattern by one repeat (as indicated you can do in the pattern), but I then tore it out after a few inches because I realized it would be wider than I wanted it (especially after blocking it). And I wanted to just make it a one-skein project and not have to dip into a second skein.

Connie Kinsman

I started the Obsession scarf using Pashima yarn by Madelinetosh. Used the size needles that Pashima calls for and it is beautiful!!

marsha salcedo

I am going to learn to knit socks!


Great year in review blog. Your photos are so good and make me want to knit with all the yarns shown. Resolutions are pretty much the same as last year.


I quit making New Year resolutions back in the 70s LOL! I always have lists and this year is no exception.

My first list item has nothing to do with knitting. I would like to volunteer more this year in and around the local area. This is one list item I know will happen: I just need to find the right fit for me and what I can offer.


Thank you, Allison. Last night I cast on 52 on a five so I will take your advice and stay the 26 on 6 or 7. Just have to finish dinner first!!!

Connie Kinsman

I am dying of anticipation for the winners of the 12 days of sock yarn! When do we find out who won?

Barb R

I put on a thread called Knitting Resolutions for 2011. I asked all the folks on this site what their knitting resolutions were for 2011. I told them that mine was to knit for ME. I knit so much for others and my knit wishes languised...some for more than 10 years (one sock pattern in particular). I put all of my knit wishes in a folder on my desktop called My Patters for 2011. As a knit wish is finished I take that pattern out of the folder.

I have already knit one wish...that being the Summerflies shawl pattern. I was so happy when it was done because I knew it was MINE and would not go out the door to anyone else.

Do for yourselves folks. You deserve and need it!


I tried to knit for myself also this past year but those darling daughters and grandchildren kept inspiring me! I will try to knit more for myself this year....maybe!

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