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January 11, 2011



Yay for contests!! I expect to be waiting for my son after school so I will be knitting on a stockinette sock in some yummy Continuum.


I hope to finish a suede baby hat for my granddaughter, and restart a pair of socks that are kicking my butt (only because I can't count!)

Mary T

I'm working on the Sweet Fern Mitts from Knitters book of Wool.

Sue H

I'm working on a Swallowtail shawl as a gift for my sister's friend!


I'll be knitting Herbivore just as soon as I'm done with my work today!


I started a swatch last night that turned into a sleeve, so I will be working on a sweater. The pattern I'm using is Thermal from Knitty winter 2006.


A good day indeed - today is my cousin's birthday! I started my first attempt at thrummed mittens over the weekend, so I'm hoping to have some time to work on them tonight :)

Susan C.

I'm working on a new snow hat. I'm a little late, though as the snow has already arrived!


Debbie Bliss Rialto in a newborn sweater set for my first grandchild I expect this June. I plan on making each grandchild his or her "coming home" outfit. Starting the pink one today; blue is finished.


Planning to start a Blanket of All Colors for my first Grandchilds dorm room for when he hopefully starts college in the fall. Its snowing lightly here, gray, chilly and also 1/11/11. What a great day to begin such a momentus project!Thanks for calling it to my attention! Of course, much sock knitting will continue daily.

Kathleen B.

This evening I will be working on Tuscany socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. Finished the heels last night so only the cuffs to go!


I'm going to my knitting group today and I'll be working on my Barb's Ruffle Scarf from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas using Spud & Chloe Fine in Red Hot! Just in time for Valentine's Day!


Today I'm working on a simple 2x2 ribbed fingerless mitt out of Kollage's Sock-a-lious.


Love the colors - thanks for doing the giveaway! I'll be either knitting on my Irish Hiking Hat or my Endpaper Mitts - I have several other projects going right now, as well, but those are the two that are getting the most love these days!


I'll be working on my Fishbone Gansey (Anne Hanson pattern) socks in Bugga! Smaller Yellow Ant. My second pair.


I am forcing myself to stop working on socks to finish a jacket/sweater for a great friend's daughter.

The pattern isn't clear and is confusing, but it's with worsted wool, so it's flying...especially since my current sock project is being knit on 000 needles because the yarn is so small!

J titus

Knitting some socks today on some hand dyed yarn. Loving my sock loom.


I am knitting a hat, although maybe I should hold off in case I am the lucky winner!


right now, I"m knitting on a pair of boring boot socks for my husband. The good part, is it's almost done! I think later, I will be knitting on a print 'o the wave scarf, in Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb.


I will be knitting this evening on my Encompass Cowl from Yarnharlot. I have already made one and I am making another. Using Thread and Loops in Dewberry.


I am knitting Embonpoint, a lovely sock pattern. It is going really quickly, too.


I'm working on some plain vanilla socks in Vesper self-striping yarn.


I will be knitting on a pair of socks that need to be finished by the end of the week. I'm almost done with the heel on the second sock. I'm very tempted to start a new project though, so I must behave and finish these first. Today is my youngest son's 30th birthday, so I need to finish a birthday cake before I get back to knitting.


I'm knitting a pair of Cable and Lace socks from Wendy Johnson's book. Doing it in Araucania in green shades. Would love to win this yarn, it would be a beautiful accessory for the new brown coat I got for Christmas. Then I would need to knit match- ing mittens or gloves. LOL

Andrea W

I am presently knitting the Mamy Shawl. A free pattern I found on the web earlier this week.
Andrea W.


I am finishing up a pair of Leyburn socks for my Mom (who has MONSTER BIG feet). Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


I will continue working on a blanket for charity that I'm knitting with sock yarn leftovers. I've saved all these little balls of yarn for years and have even moved them across the country. I'm excited that they are becoming something useful.


I'm trying to finish up the last of my Christmas knitting, which is a pair of Weasley Rib socks in Shelby B yarn (colorway: Prophecy).

Sarah Park

I'll be knitting a cloche! I've been on a slouchy hat kick, and it's time for me to branch out a little!

Linda B

I just finished the first sock of the new year and will be casting on for the mate later today.

Maureen L

I will be continuing to work on a Moderne Baby blanket. Except for short side excursions to an ongoing sock that will be my project until it's done. The baby is due soon.

Janet Miller

It hadn't yet occurred to me that this is such a cool date. Thanks for pointing that out. This evening after work I'll be knitting on a lace sock in Starry Black Parade.


Well, I'm hoping that what I'm crocheting later today will count ... a potholder! There will be knitting again after the potholder is done, but that may not be today.

Thanks for the contest for this beautiful yarn!


I'm in the process of knitting up scarves for Special Olympics. The deadline for mailing is 1/20 - so I'm busy putting together as many as possible!


Great day! Especially with snow on the way!

I'm currently knitting a Noro striped scarf for my Pay It Forward Handmade(from FaceBook) for 2011.

I've got another scarf lined up as well!!!

Terri Brinegar

I will be starting my second Pavo slipper sock, from the winter issue of Interweave. It was a fun and an easy pattern to do.


This is the year of finishing projects that have been around for a while and knitting from stash. Tonight I finish the first of the socks that have been on my needles for a couple years. YEAH!


I am knitting a plain sock for my husband today. I am using some Crazy Zauberball-I love the colours!

Patricia Richardson

I'm working on a picture dishcloth of the praying hands.


Doing those Opal Antonia socks just like the ones you made!


I'm knitting a square for a blanket, that my knitting group is exchangeing with each other. We plan on doing it for the whole year.


I'm working on a clapotis that I started over 2 years ago! I'm almost done!


I am sewing a pocket onto a hoodie, test knit for Sam Roshak, as soon as that is done and blocking, I'll pick up the FLS fitted pullover for my daughter. I'm just to the waist shaping and want to get it done for her so she can enjoy it.

Betsy Watts

I plan on knitting on a vanilla sock out of Zauberball Crazy and starting a striped sweater from Philosopher's Wool. Both of these projects are for my husband.

Connie Kinsman

I am working on the "Skull Cap" for my boyfriend. It's knit in black with light grey for the skulls. It is awesome!! He loves it and that is the most important thing! He even picked out the pattern...what a guy!

Sue Buttram

I am knitting the Acer Cardigan (virus caught from the Yarn Harlot). So far have done a gauge swatch and started the ribbing at the bottom.


I am (obsessively) working on an argyle vest for my son. Currently duplicate stitching the zig-zag lines over the argyle diamonds. Love it!!

Debbie B

I am looking around my house, various needles are taken up with a bad case of startitis and I don't want to work on any of them, I want to start something else! Not good but it's where I'm at today.


I'm casting on Evelyn Clark's Manzanita Shawl using my new Crazy Zauberball yarn I got for Christmas.


I will be working on another Encompass circular scarf from the yarn harlot. Love it. I can knit it and watch NCIS ( new episode) and not mess up.


I'm working on a pair of Basic Cable (3x1 rib) pair of socks for a friend using Paton's Kroy FX. Stared the 2nd sock last night and these socks are definitely "fraternal" and not identical. Hope she doesnt mind!

K. M. Jones

I'm making the i-cord to finish my Minty hat from the Knitty emag. It's kind of ... big. but that's okay.

Also I hope to start some socks.

Lennette Daniels

I am knitting Susie's Reading Mitts for my co-worker with the freezing fingers.

Jolene (JoboDesigns on Ravelry)

Yay for more contests! I'm working on a crescent shawl "Allegheny Muse" as a KAL with a friend... mmm Cashmere Sock Yarn with sparkly Beads!

Emily S.

I was just looking through my queue and feel the need for instant gratification so I was thinking of doing the Quickie Cowl by Fawn Pea on ravelry tonight as the snow rolls in and leaves us all homebound!

Lisa Viviano

I'm working on a pair of lace socks. And you arae right; great contest on a great day.


I really wish that I could be working on exactly that project as I am in need of a birthday gift for a niece later this month ....... In reality, I will probably be making her a pair of Bella mittens, or I might start a pair of Temperance socks. I don't have anything but a PrayerShawl (ongoing, always have one) on needles at present, and could always work on that.

Mary C.

I'll be knitting socks in the Scroll pattern with Tanis' Purple Label in "Spearmint". Yummy! They're a birthday present for my soon-to-be 98 year old aunt.

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

I just finished up a sock about an hour ago and I finally used my first MCN yarn for it - so super soft. Oh, it was the ever popular Monkey pattern...very fun and fast.


I am working on a Koolhaas hat for my son and a pair of Solstice socks for his girlfriend. Late Christmas presents! Bot in Malabrigo.


I will be working on my Multnomah shawl. Free from Ravelry.

Stephanie M

Today I pick up the stitches on the second sleeve of Amused by Jordana Paige. I want to finish this ASAP so I can take it to show my mom next week when I visit.


I'm 'fringing' a cable scarf I finished last night. If I get a chance I'll be starting a matching sock to the three sock projects that are in the drawer. New Years Resolution. . .Finish Projects!!!


I am working on the second of my knotty gloves...the end is in sight:)


Love those colors! I'm currently working on the Curlicue Coverlet from Oat Couture.


IF (big if) my newborn will let me, I'll be working on a hat for him from the special skein of Casbah that was part of the labor day kit. I made him a hat and booties to wear home from the hospital, but he was too big for them :-(

Nancy N

I am knitting Traveling Woman with Dream in Color Smooshy Rose Smash from the August Dream Club, Simply Socks. I love the yarn.

Faline Gee

I knitting the cupcake cowl, it's full of bobbles and lace - so it's keeping me my toes. I love this month's dream in color project - thanks for the chance to win it!


I'm working on three pairs of socks (one in Opal) and a twined hat.


I will be knitting on a scarf for my Mom's birthday. I need to have it done by Friday. Wish me luck!!


I am working on a pair of fingerless mitts for my daughter. She actually asked me to make the for her. A first.


A GAP-tastic cowl which is taking much longer than I thought it would!

Mary Mc

I'm knitting socks. At least I hope that's what these are....


I'm making some socks for my daughter in some purple DIC smooshy with cashmere, perhaps the November or October DIC club yarn? (shhhh! don't tell her, it's a surprise!) I <3 DIC!


I am really into lace these days so I am knitting the Haruni Shawl. I love it.


Happy Birthday to me!!!!! I love this date as well, and am celebrating my birthday to the nth degree cause I KNOW I won't be here when 1-11-11 rolls around again. :) I'm about 6 rows from finishing up current pair of socks, which will be completed tonight. YEAH! I did another fun sock knitting adventure during lunch here at work today, I'm teaching a friend to knit 2 socks at a time on circulars. All in all, a grand day. Now I'm outta here (work) and going out to eat. hope I have enough breath to blow out all the candles!


I am knitting a pair of socks (plain stockinette) in a very lovely yarn which was gifted to me. It is dark navy, dark purple etc.


I will be working on a the lace wrap Juneberry!


Working on a generic pair of socks. Took dear son to the dentist, so I needed something portable and mindless while I waited. (should pick the winner who posts nearest 11:11 pm--although that would exclude me!)


I'll be knitting on Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf knit with Artyarn Ultramerino held double stranded. I started it last night and the yarn is a pleasure to knit plus the scarf is turning out soft and lovely.


I'm on sleeve island on Royale so will be working on those - in Beaverslide Dry Goods Rose Hip. I would love to win this yarn as it's in my favorite colors!

Cynthia  in NC

I am working on a pair of chunky mittens in Big Wool from my stash. We are having "real" winter in NC this year! I need these mittens! I love the colorway pictured! Thanks for a great contest and blog!


I'm going to start the Traveling Woman shawl with the October DIC Club yarn Ponder Dusk.


I'm gettin' my knit on with the second of a pair of Devil's Snare socks, in Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk & Silver, in a greens-blues-white colorway. It's got an interesting lace panel, then stockinette for the rest, making it a good TV watchin' sock. And the yarn--ooooh, I'm a sucker for a sparkly yarn.

J.T. in missouri

Working on the evenstar shawl today.

Beth S.

I'm working on a pair of socks in bright colors for me.


I'm going to try and finish my Galactic Ghoul (candy corn) socks but I will break and review AP Chem with my daughter.

Kat Gatzke

I am working on a baktus and a pair of Hedgerow mitts.

Theresa Martin

I'll be knitting onthe hat from the first Dream in Colour dream club selection. Love the colour (rose crush)


I am knitting on a vanilla sock, since I had to rip out my Fiddlehead mitten.


I am bravely trying to tackle a pair of Spiraling Corialis socks using sweet georgia tough love sock 'boheme'.The color is a wonderful chocolate and cherries combo (aka brown and pink) and they are to be my Valentines socks. I'm still going to order the wonderful valentine sock kit that is coming up but I would not get the kit in time to have them done for this year.


I am working the drop stitch scarf in Olive, Tanis Fiber Arts. I couldn't resist your persuasive blog! I'm also halfway through my second mock croc sock in Bugga! I don't love the color, but can't wait to cover my feet in cashmere goodness!


I get to start a new project this evening: Burberry inspired cowl. Hopefully it won't take too long, it's very cold here right now.

Nondas Hensley

I have charted and am going to start working on an afghan that is charted from my grandma's favorite quilt, "The Drunkard's Path." Hopefully it goes well!


I am knitting my second February Lady sweater. I only have one sleeve left to finish. : )


i'd love the chance to win!

i've been working on my 198 yards of heaven today. i'm on the third row of the border: so close to being finished!

Barbara C

I'm working on a cabled hat for my husband.

Jean Folkerth

I am working on the second sock to match one I have had sitting around forever! So hard for me to do after the first is done!

Glyn Komkai

I will be working on Mr. Abomidable ( ) for my son!

Kris Van Allen

Tonight I hope to finish a simple K2P2 rib scarf (a la Jared Flood's Noro Ribbed scarf - switching colors every 2 rows) ... using some FABulous sock yarn DH brought home from a business trip to New Brunswick. It's cold here in central Texas right now, and I need this amazing wool/silk scarf! :D

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