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December 09, 2010



Great.. now I have to go look up this pattern and find the perfect yarn.. .I have Christmas knitting to finish. Can you tell I love the scarf? You picked the perfect pattern for the perfect yarn!! Can't wait to see this new yarn..


I'm COMPLETELY inspired!


Again with the tease!! Now I'll be having to check your site continuously to see when you post what it is and when we can order!
My guess is something from Fleece Artist?


Wow! That is one beautiful scarf! It does look like it could be a Fleece Artist or Hand Maiden color.


You can toot your horn! The yarn and pattern are awesome!


Beautiful scarf I made a similar one I found on ravelry as well it was called the waterfall scarf. I do love the yarn as I am a green person too. Don't you love it when you get distracted from a distraction?


Gorgeous - my guess is the fabulous Tanis Fibre Arts...yumm


Bea-u-ti-ful!!! The pattern really shows off the yarn. Can't you give us a hint??? Thanks for the pattern link - and thanks to Christine Vogel for the pattern.


Love the scarf, too. I put the pattern in my "next Christmas" file. Question re:the striped socks. The pattern you're using doesn't seem to be either of the ones that were included with the yarn kit. Is it a basic sock? And - when casting on at the cuff - do you just use a basic long-tail cast-on or something else (the Norwegian cast-on, for example, which feels like knitting Olympics to me)?


It looks lovely. If I had to guess, I would say it is Zen Yarn Garden, Serenity 20. (It's my current obsession!)


my guess: tanis fibre arts. yes?


I love the little teases you sometimes put out there. There's nothing better than discovering uncharted sock yarn knitting territory. A few are guessing Tanis Fiber Arts. Since I have never seen this yarn, I am quite excited.


I have to admit that I like knitting almost every sample that arrives at the store, but this one is such a WOW that I ordered immediately. Now I'm just impatiently waiting for more!
Lesa, the pattern I used for the striped socks is just a basic stockinette sock. I basically use this pattern:
But then depending on the sock yarn's particular thickness I cast on fewer or more stitches for my feet. For most people, the stripe would show as wider than mine because I cast on more stitches than average because I have bigger than average ankles and feet.


I agree with Lia. Looks like the Zen Garden Serenity 20 to me too. Gorgeous! I've had my eye on that scarf pattern but haven't found a yarn that says it wants to be that scarf. Maybe the new club yarn?


Just saw this today. You're scarf is beautiful. I printed off this pattern a few years ago, but was never motivated enough to knit it until I saw yours knitted up! I'll order some yarn as soon as possible!!!

Bev Roberts

Great minds knit alike. I've knit this very same pattern with some lovely variegated sock yarn from a now defunct brand, 100% merino (pink) and red; love, love, love this pattern.

Kathy Sue

Wow, I can't wait for you to have this stuff! It looks like moonlight on the water. Guess I had better start searching the budget for money to buy more yarn!

Shirley A Ryan's perfect!

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